Riders - 2 Good 2 B so Bad

SSK has talent to win. It's really strange to see a team score 36 points and yet lose. I think it's time to get some top athletes on defense.

I blame the coaching/management and not the players.

the players played like some serious fly Sh*t in the 2nd half, more specifically, the D.

It's only week 4. It's not how you start the season, it's how you end it. Everyone counted the Esks out after the poor showing against the Bombers but won against the Lions. It's only one game.

And it's by week 9 at the very least that you can start seeing some serious, and very realistic trends by teams(like having a "poor secondary", or an "ineffective qb" for ex.), only after they've established themselves as a unit.

True enough.. this is a team that was ranked near the top in every defensive catagory last year though, and has had no personnel changes on D.. so you have to wonder where the problem is. Trevis Smith can't be -that- important. I have to pin this on coaching/management also, these players just aren't motivated.

Sort of off topic, but does anyone now the attendance at the sask game tonight?

Just under 24,000.


The D should be ashamed of themselves for these poor performances. You cant just show up and expect the opposing Offence to do you any favours. Nik Lewis dropped a ball at the goal and he WAS WIDE OPEN. The Rider D has no pride in their performance, and same goes for special teams. The mistakes that were made on both D and ST are inexcusable. While Armstead did have 3 TD's in this game, it was his mental error on special teams that hurt this team, along with poor tackling in both of those areas. So much for a 12-6 season like some predicted, if they keep this up they will wind up 6-12.