Riders' 13th man: Armstead?

Columnist Damien Cox of the Toronto Star is reporting that return man Jason Armstead was the player who should not have been on the field when the Roughriders were flagged for two many men. Apparently, they wanted 12 men rushing, knowing that a single point off a miss meant nothing.
Does this make sense? There's a minuscule risk that the Alouettes could recover a missed kick that failed to go through the end zone, but Duval and Cahoon (the holder) would have been the only players permitted to do so -- and they, of course, would have been well behind everyone else on such a play.
If they've come to the same conclusion in Regina, Armstead's gonna need a bodyguard -- or at least more home insurance.

Yeap. They were going with 12 on the line to block since a single would have had no effect with no time left. Armstead apparently didn't realize or wasn't told this and went on the field and didn't bother to count. Kavis Read has to share some of it. When he say Jason run out he should have called him back.

Armstead might want to fly home straight from Calgary instead of going back to Zombieland.

I noticed right away that something looked out of place with the Rider's field goal unit. Armstead being that infamous 13th man kinda makes sense in a way. It explains why no one on the line noticed smeone was there that shouldnt be, because there wasnt. It also explains why no one on the coaching staff saw it. He is out there on an island and I suspect like everyone else they were looking at the players lined up on the ball. It also explains how the mistake couldve happened as he is regularly one of the guys that goes out there on field goals so its possible someone forgot to tell him not to go on. The coaching staff is just as much at fault though for not noticing this and pulling him off

To be fair, Duval really should have made the initial kick. It was a makeable distance for him (43 yards). There were mistakes by both teams.

Not to mention Duval essentially handing the Riders 3 points in the first half with that brutal 7-yard shank punt.

God I want Duval gone. He almost lost us the game tonight.

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Calling on murder...

Man, some Rider fans need professional help.

I have a theory in Duval’s defense that he might lose his concentration by all the flags flying right after the snap.

I can not however, give him any excuse for his mistakes made in the first quarter.

Edit: because as Hfx noted, it's not the time to bash a player. My apologies.

D this is not the day to discuss this... :thdn: Let him and his family enjoy the work of 20 games....

My bad. You're right. :slight_smile:

I feel really bad for Reed and Armstead. They are going to get pilloried in Saskatchewan for this one mistake.

The great irony is that Rider fans proud themselves of being the 13th man. Even their line is "The 13th man is your worst nightmare." Who knew that it was literally the 13th man on the field that arguably cost them the game.

the 13th man is their worst nightmare now :lol:

Ken Miller and Kavis Reed (ST coach) are both saying that a guy on the line was supposed to come off so it wasn't Armstead who was the 13th man. The Riders changed up their FG defense unit for the FG attempt by sending in a receiver who has the best vertical leap on the team and the guy he was replacing didn't get the message to get off the field. That receiver was on the field as was Armstead for the FG second attempt. Armstead was supposed to be there.

Not try to add insult to the injury, but the 13th man incident was shown on the C'mon Man! segment of NFL Monday Night Countdown. I really could not help laughing because of the way Chris Berman telling the story.

Oh well, now that our season is over, go Pats go!

The thirteenth man was apparently Sean Lucas(?). I think he's on a Greyhound for Palin country as we speak.