Riders #1 Overall Pick Demanding A Trade Out Of Regina

First overall pick Josiah St John is already demanding a trade.

How did the Rider braintrust not get a sense of what it would take to sign him or whether or not he would play in Regina while interviewing this guy before the draft?

This is what happens when you give a rookie GM like Ego Jones full control of the franchise - - the guy's in over his head trying to be the GM/HC/DC/training camp receptionist.

But it's a contract dispute nothing to do with the coach.

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[b]The Riders have drawn a line in their negotiations with holdout offensive tackle Josiah St. John, who has yet to appear at training camp.

St. John, the first overall pick in the 2016 CFL draft out of the University of Oklahoma, is at a contract impasse with the Riders. Essentially, he wants more money and a longer contract than what the Riders are offering.

St. John’s holdout may extend for a long time, at least based on what John Murphy said on CKRM’s Sportscage on Wednesday. The Riders’ assistant vice-president of football operations and player personnel said the Riders “won’t negotiate with holdouts.’’ That’s not a good sign that St. John will be in camp anytime soon.

Chris Jones, the Riders’ general manager and head coach, initially declined Thursday to comment on St. John’s status, preferring to talk about players who are with the team. Jones added that St. John’s representative (agent Johnathon Hardaway) has “made it very tough on us.’’

St. John’s camp has apparently responded to the impasse by demanding a trade, according to Justin Dunk of cfl.ca. Dunk added that the Riders haven’t given St. John’s agent permission to seek a trade with a CFL team and aren’t considering a deal at this point.[/b]

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I hope they leave him hanging for ever

This guy is dimmer than a dying flash light. No team is going to trade a valuable asset for this unproven trouble maker.

I am certain Poop would give them Boulay.


I would not take that lard ass on.

This is the same guy who stole a spot at ecamp and refused to participate. Then on top of that your held over a barrel by Hard away. No thanks.

I'd release Beulah and let them have for free before stinking g up the locker Room with Josie

With the OL depth the Als have Jim could just let St. John sit until he smartened up. JSJ has some leverage on Jones as Chris made him the figurative cornerstone of his rebuild of Canadian talent by picking him #1.

not really

not the first time this agent has played games. JSJ was brought out to Regina pre-draft and had a very good in person meeting. They were on the same page.

This is a good instance to stand their ground and not let this agent flip the script with games. 400 over 3 years...no way...not even close.

The Riders don't "need" JSJ...he is a gamble on a potential NI OT to be developed. They have their C and OG, and their depth at camp has actually exceed peoples expectations so far. It was seen as a potential issue spot, but they have had a few surprises in bodies that have done exceptionally well there. He was not drafted to play OG but OT....sure, he would likely start with more OG reps. It is the reason they didn't take Charles Vaillancourt or one of the more OL ready picks...they were not looking to bring on an OG.

You do t want a guy locking up 100k to sit as a backup. No thanks.

Backups is not a massive issue. In a pinch they can roll Labatte to OT for a NI and bring in a b/u OG in his place, so this would be a play at ratio+ at this point. This was not a here and now, need you to start week 1 draft. They would at some point this season hope he could take some OT rotations from an import. They have enough flexibility there to manage it.

They have at least 1 on the DL in Capi, based on camp potentially a DT as well, or at lease one who can take good rotations or come in if Capi needs to come out, then putting an Import at DE, 1 at S, 3 on the line, 2 receivers. the ratio is covered.....sure, it is nice to have a direct position NI replacement...but far from a requirement...and kinda foolish when talking about something as important as an OT.

I am talking about the Als. No way he'd crack the roster this year and maybe next.

no doubt....I dont think there is a team that would be willing to touch that. Mateas and Chung were the draft picks that set the new standard last year at around 80k....I believe they started all games or very close...is JSJ going to do that....little to no chance...so the fact they have tabled anything similar is probably a pretty darned good deal for JSJ...nobody is going to come close to 100 for him...unless it was heavily based on playing time...which he is unlikely to get unless someone has a need for an OG and is willing to pay the bonus for that spot

Cfl GM's are scrounging pennies to field a team. The only way a rookie deserves 80k is if your sure he's going to start for your team. That was the case with Mateas and Sung. Otherwise your stealing money from your starting roster somewhere. Riders should move on till the player comes to his senses.

An organization that brings in as almost 50 million per year in revenues and that can afford to pay its coach 750k, cant afford a six figure contract for 3 years to the first overall pick?
Wow... this guy miles well retire. To go out there and suffer brain damage for a labourers salary is so ridiculous. Im sure he would love to retire and drop all of that weight too. His body will thank him in 20 years
They make players so disposable,that you cant blame a player for walking away. Our league MOP was discarded like a used tissue by two different teams. The seventh leading passer of all time cant find a job for more than a few months..
This young dude should take the lead of Ben Heanan , and walk away. The league can blame itself, for its own self destruction when they made a conscious decision to stay small time, and screw over their players two summers ago

This is one of the dumbest things I have ever read on here.

  • 750k for the hats Jones is wearing is less than they paid to fill all of those positions in 2015
  • What does how much they bring in matter? They have the same cap troubles as anyone else.
  • Use some common sense...what does overpaying an unproven guy who would largely be a backup do to negotiations with other players later? Think this might cause a smidge of animosity on the team if the guy is barely playing?
  • Why on earth would you make a record deal for a rookie that was not the obvious choice as a #1 pick as there are some drafts?


Uuuuuuuuu, it's called a salary cap. The actual dollars are a non issue in this as far as Riders affordability. Who would give an unproven, so far not to intelligent player that kind of money? So far I can only think of one person who would, and he is not a G.M. or even in touch with Salary cap management or "budgeting" as it's commonly referred to in the everyday world of business.

Back on the bottle I see.

man, he lives in the bottle :wink:

Rod Pedersen ?@rodpedersen
St. John's got a truculent agent who has unreasonable expectations and the situation is beyond repair. Thus a trade.