riders #1 in attendance & tv ratings

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...AND in all on-line polls

Doesn't this belong in the Rider discussion page?

Not really. First time the Riders have finished first. It is really a league discussion.

Who cares? They are last in Grey Cup wins. We all know about the fan support already. Show me a G.C. ring and I'll be impressed.

I don't see how this would be considered non-main forum and matters on Toronto attendance / stadium / Rudge MLSE, Kavis Reed being fired (esks), Troy Smith, Calgary's injuries in the last game, Esks final game of the season, etc etc etc that are on the 1st page of chat are more so, many of which you have participated in w/o seeming to care then, until it is something that highlights a Rider success story (which is still a league success)...interesting.


Really, what on earth does this have to do with ratings and attendance? Is it more or less impressive to see a fanbase that tunes in to a team that does not have a great track record? Let's ask the Expos...oh I mean the Vancouver Grizzlies....hmm

Not to mention merchandise.
Have to admit as there is no doubt Riders fans are the best.

Well done, Riders fans! If fans in the other 7 (soon to be 8) CFL cities would support their teams the way you guys do, our league would be truly :rockin: and paying players the money they deserve! So good on ya, Riderville!

Indeed. Which Rider play will be play of the year this year?

I'm betting it'll be Weston Dressler tying his shoes.

I don't find it surprising that they are the top team in terms of support, especially after seeing first hand this summer the merchandising power they have. (Really? Riders facial tissues? Seen on the dashboard of a pickup truck in Middlanoware, Saskatchewan.) What I find surprising is your statement that this is the first time this has happened. I thought they've been number one in fan support for years now. (According to all the online polls, it has been. :wink: )

Maybe when they finish first 20 or 30 years in a row. :cowboy: :twisted:

Seriously, good job Rider fans. :thup:

There is no doubt that fans have filled the park this year. But there are reports that there are under 30,000 tix sold to the upcoming playoff game. It is supposed to be cold so I can understand the sick, elderly and children, but the rest of those able bodied fans better show up as this is when it really matters. I know I'll be there.

It's supposed to be cold??? I thought that was why you fans all wear watermelons on your head.....a Saskatchewan version of a toque!!!! If your heads warm,your bodies warm,so start carving those melons out and buy your tickets to the game!! :lol: :cowboy:


Which makes TSN's Play of the year a bit of a joke...

It's the first time the finished first in attendance. They've led in revenue, and ratings for some time now. A nice turnaround for a team that at one time needed a telethon to keep the team alive.

At least that's the one thing Bomber fans can point to in pride.

Yeah, people get pretty soft when it dips below freezeing.

That said, there were 30 000 season tickets, so I am fairly confident it will be above that.
looking at ticketmaster quickly:


I'd say it is likely pushing 40k at this point as there are is only 'low - mid' availability in about 1/2 of the endzone seating, all else is basically grey (sold out)

That said, this artical supports a number closer to 30k:

[url=http://newstalk650.com/story/riders-closing-practices-ahead-west-semi-final/151830]http://newstalk650.com/story/riders-clo ... nal/151830[/url]

Whats really shocking is that there is still some lodging available

when you finish 3-6 or whatever down the stretch, fans, understandably, tend to be a bit less willing to sit in the cold...similar hapened a couple of years back.

Unfortunately you are incorrect.

They greyed endzone sections are tickets unavaiable for purchase, until the other sections sell. They said yesterday they had sold UNDER 30k. At the end of the day yesterday someone went to the ticket office and said they had 12k left to sell.

Hopefully they can at least get 35k-40k

That is EXCELLENT!!! :thup:

ALL of the CFL ratings are up this year including a big jump in Southern Ontario. Now if only the people watching ARGO games in droves when by a ticket to see a game live. :roll: