Riders (1-6) at Argos (1-6) Game

I think we have just seen one of the biggest drawbacks of the "bend but don't break" defensive philosophy...even if you do get a stop, you have "bent" enough that the other guys are usually in FG range

Which CAN be combated.. with some OFFENSIVE output...lol

How true

I thought.... to play pro football.... you needed to know HOW to tackle!!

The Riders tackling is quite simply ATROCIOUS.. no way Owens should have been beyond the 3 yard line!

The Riders offense has been getting better but the defense is still not getting the job done!

Yep and Boyd should be stopped 3 yds shorter too

Really? 0 points so far in the half

i said better... :lol:

they actually have first downs

I don't understand!!???

why is getzlaf running 10 yards when he needs 13??

what the Hell is wrong with that?

I was wondering if that was a bad play call or a bad read by Durant, or a bad route by Getz. Something wasn't right.

On that punt, did I see a Rider try to down the ball, NFL style? Or was that my imagination?

it looked like it but I think the ball had a weird bounce.

Perhaps its our bend but dont score offense? :oops:

Wow...it actually looks (and sounds) like a pro-Rider crowd!!!

The REAL Cleo Lemon is starting to emerge again!

haha.. or as I like to call it our Inception offense! :rockin:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ROFLMAO

I think Durant quickly runs off the field, does a fast change of clothes and comes out for the Argos! :stuck_out_tongue:


There are some striking similarities to those throws!

This is now comical for Rider penalties.

Not sure about that holding call on the return.

I thought D Line (Return team) was ALLOWED to use their hands until the ball was physically kicked. (thus the "Let them go!" yells from officials). He had clearly released from the blocker prior to the kick