Riders (1-6) at Argos (1-6) Game

Ok.. battle of the two worst teams in the league.

Who wants it more? who'll come out on top?

Let the Toilet Bowl begin!

Durrant/Lemon are both capable to put up good numbers in this showdown. Hope for a good one though.

Ark's get the 1st point of the game... a single!

1-0 Blew

I lol'd at "the Showdown of the Lowdowns" :smiley:

If the Boatmen lose this game, there won't be anyone at their next home tilt. :wink:

HOW is that not picked?? yikes..

I think Boyd scored that TD after the whistle went

Can’t deny that Graham held him down from jumping.

That’s one player who I’ve found to be a huge disappointment all year.

Not sure that was an interference penalty, ah maybe on the review, but Argos took advantage and scored a major.

Two riders in front with the argo players arm in front of the rider defender. He has as much right to the ball. Not pass interference.

Oh, I'm pretty sure it was PI. Graham pulled the receiver downward to keep him from jumping

The one I find odd is the fumble call. There is another thread on this, and this exact situation was discussed. Obviously they are interpreting the rule differently than it is written.

As PrairieDog suggested on that thread, this might be an issue for Higgins to deal with. The way the rule is written, the arm motion is key, and that should have been an Incomplete Pass. If they are interpreting it the way they did here, then they need to rewrite the rule.

Again Referees suck in this league.

So they have...

The Argo bounce
The Argo spot
and now ...
the...Argo call...

Referees have decided who is winning this game and its not the Riders.

WOW another flag on the Riders

Why didn't Durant get flagged for cut block??... :lol:

Next he'll get the call. :thdn:

This team is a joke, ANOTHER time count!! Are these guys professionals?

Doesn't matter what the refs do or don't do. With tackling like that, there is little hope.