Riders 06 record

I think they will go 12-6 and get a semi final home play off game.
What does everyone else think their record will be at seasons end?

12 - 6 sounds about right :wink: and IMO i think this is the year :rockin: for play off game at home :twisted:

Where did Nealon Greene go?

Montreal, along with Bellefeuille.

How's Joseph, and is Szarka our number one RB?

12-6 sounds a bit optomistic, I will say another 9-9 season for the Riders.

Geez, Sambo... You are always so negative...

I say a 12-5-1 record for the riders.

im also going with 12-6, i have a good feeling about this year i dont know why lol

Sambo sounds more like a realist.

Bombers are going 9-9 along with the Riders ... you will finish 3rd in your division ... my predictions

  1. Edmonton
  2. Calgary
  3. Sask
  4. BC


  1. montreal
  2. Hamilton
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Toronto

Good luck to the riders and the bombers we both have tough season ahaed, but sask and wpg in the grey cup would be awesome for the CFL.... agree?

Szarka is not a RB, he is a FB. He is #1 FB but this year there has been some other guys breathing down his neck like Hathaway.

KK is the #1 RB

Riders are gonna have a great season. I went to the playoff game in Edmonton, cause thats where I live now, and the defense looked amazing. KK was a threat everytime he touched the ball. KJ was so poised and confident behind the best o-line in the league, and MD looked like he couldn't wait for the season to start. The only thing i was disappointed in was that they didn't play Fantuz very much. I was really looking forward to seeing this guy catch the ball. Riders 14-4. Yahoo, my first post. New guy to these forums, I usually post at SNET forums under the same name, but decided to switch to here to see if its better.

you mean the preseason game?

Congrats Riders, I see you guys making it to t least 2nd place in the West this season, keep it up!

but DON'T be getting any ideas that you will beat Winnipeg!!!!

Man Holmes sure looked good today! He would make it 12-6 for you.

Last time i checked holmes didnt play in our defensive secondary or our offensive line which our two biggest weaknesses yesterday so i think we would have lost with him. And as far as returning that was one of our few bright spots yesterday with dorsey doing a pretty good job.

12-6? Some of you people are crazy.

9-9 seems a lot more plausible.

I couldn't agree more. Charles Thomas is going to get Joseph killed, two plays in a row he let the same guy in one was when Keith recoverd Josephs fumble. Yes Corey Holmes had an amazing game but did they win? No. When your defence gives up 31 points in a half and 45 in a game not even the great Corey Holmes will win games for you. This is not Shivers fault for trading Holmes, and not Joseph fault because he didn't look great, but its his first game with new receivers it was the defensive players and Ritchie Hall that deserve the blame. You look at two vetern qbs like Ray and Burris who are with the same receivers and didn't do anything untill the fourth, especially Burris who was in awsome field possesion with the turnovers that game should have been more of a blowout than ours.

I just don't understand. If the Riders didn't solve their QB and Receiver issue, we likely wouldn't have sold 1 season ticket this year. Before last Friday's game we had a lot of hype cause for the most part, this is a much different looking team with some respectable players, been a long time since we could brag about that. But here is the truth, everyteam in the CFL this year I think has a respectable team and something to show. We are a long way from the grey cup, and the team that makes it will have the winning attitude. Tell me, what kind of attitude is another 9-9 season telling yourself, the fans or this team.

Any one out there who is worried about the Riders O should look at one stat from week one. other than BC they had the most points.