Riderfans site

So what happened to the Riderfans site? It's been down for a few days now.

Host failure. No ETA but expecting a couple of days.

I started a couple of threads over at 13th man but seems that everyone has abandoned that site.


oh...how long has it been down for...haven't been there in years

It can stay down for good for all I care, corrupted forum run by losers

So I take it that you were banned...

What rider fan site, don't even know about that one

The most active CFL fan forum in existence. I started getting spam and re-directs on the forum a day or two before it went down. Hope it wasn’t hit by something malicious.


the people who run it are a bunch of good ole boys. it may be the most active forum in the CFL but there's so much fighting and ganging up on people by the ole boys club.

If you aren't on their side you're an outsider and you get ridiculed and harassed.

a lot of jerks and asses there and the admins don't care because they're all part of the gang.

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Well that is a little harsh but yes there are some extremists there, however if you want the latest breaking news on the Riders they certainly are on the ball about that. Too often the threads go over and over the same thing too many times but it can get colorful at times.

I haven’t been banned, and I can see why he has the attitude that he does. The site is run by a rather dictatorial bunch, and it’s sad really. If you ever post something negative about the Riders, or disagree passed a certain point with the mods, you’re as good as gone. The head cheer leader over there swore up and down all winter that Franklin was a free agent this year. When he was proven to be wrong (again), he got his panties in a bunch and acted like an upset school girl. Not very professional or grown up IMHO.

sounds like it would be right up there with attacking someone for posting in French

That guy who posts in French I can't understand, don't know how to use the translation procedure , to old I guess, I'm not that good on the computer

Talked to Gov about 15 minutes ago. He is travelling right now, but will get me to post an update later.

Short story is the hard drive on the site failed.

Pretty much spot on! The mope who runs the site is a real hater - Trump like tolerance without the trophy wife! More like a Brophy wife!!! :cowboy:

Anyways, the biggest single site for fans of one team - I think they sport well over 1,200 active members but most threads dominated by 4 or 5 commancheros = many with issues beyond comprehension.

That said, a half dozen to 10 of the funniest posters in the land!

I got banned for life for calling the Blue Jays a sadly corrupt group of millionaires who'll never win another World Series!

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Whether one agrees with that statement or not that is pretty funny lol

Gov emailed me last night with the long version of the update.

As I said the hard drive that the stie is on with the server failed. I am guility of being naive. I just figured I pay these guys enough money that they would be prepared for something like that. But turns out they don't back anything up. They couldn't retreive anything from the hard drive meaning we lost it all. First step of the rebuild is to get the forum back up and running so people can post....that is the engine that drives the site. We will do the rest in stages. I can say the build is happening right now, and we should be up soon (don't want to give a day and miss it) And for any other site owners, if you are using Amerinoc, back up everything NOW!!

Rumour had it the owner/admin. was pretty sick in the head. Not a very nice place if you present alternative viewpoints about the CFL, Bluejays, the bottle man who used to be riders presidente, etc. :cowboy:
Tons of the members where traditional white boys club bigots & haters - but they were allowed to attack new members - and you'd get banned if you responded in kind. So bigotry would be the key descriptor of that godforsaken site!

Lyle why do you sound so bitter. You were nothing but sweet and nice on Riderfans.

Well to be quite honest there is a lot of content on that site lately that is better off deleted.