Riderfans...please dont post in gloatfest threads...(merged)

To those who carried themselves with class on these boards anyways, you guys know who you are, congratulations on a great season.

I know things probably didn’t turn out as you had liked today, but you guys deserve props for rooting for your team without resorting to insults or personal attacks and best of luck to you guys next year.

And to Rider fans who post here, refrain from taking a shot at those who by all accounts deserve it, show some class and let’s root on the Riders to a Grey Cup victory!

And for the record…

Dusts signatures are sporting an excellent 2-0 record so far this season.


Thats boring.

Agreed. That was an amazing game to attend....great crowd...Im wireless at the Vancouver airport right now and my ears are still ringing.


Win with class. It's easy to be a good loser, being a gracious winner is something that is a little tougher, particularly when you haven't had a lot of practice. That's not meant to be a shot by the way, just a statement of fact.


Maybe, but I am with Dust. It would be hypocritical to criticize the RLRs and his clones for their behaviour and then turn around and do the same thing. I'm happy for the win, but we could get blown out in TO, even with an unproven quarterback against us. That's the CFL.

...lets be the classy people we are and bury these kinds of things. We really havent won the grand prix yet. Are you satisfied? Im not...please...I beg of you...focus on Lord Greys Cup and BURY THESE KINDS OF THINGS. My plane is here...boarding...ttyl folks, and thank you!


Excellent post, Dust, and I completely agree. :smiley:

Safe to assume that asking about certain posters will be removed? :slight_smile:

I know you Riderfans aren't used to being in the Grey cup, or literate, but you hillbillies need to show some class and not create posts that are insulting generalisations of the fans of another team or the population of another province.

Tongue in cheek of course :wink: lol. It's satire and hyperbole mr. mod :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay then. I cease and desist ... :stuck_out_tongue:

While I concur your opinion is agreed with…you’re preaching to the choir buddy. And with backhanded comments, I suggest to you to do it elsewhere, thank you very much.


I thought the disclaimers at the end were a bit overblown and unnecessary.

I stand corrected.

Just had to bring this up again. Props if you agree.


There is nothing wrong with Riders fans wanting to stick it to Lions fans. I wouldn't find anything wrong if it were the other way either. All season the animosity between Lions fans and Riders fans on this forum are evident.

I, for one, don't usually post that way but from what I've read on both sides, why wouldn't the Riders fans gloat about their win. It's for bragging rights and obviously this season, the Lions won't retain the bragging rights.

Why you gotta go and ruin the trend and think before you post :wink:

You've been one of the best Lions posters on here all year LB, props!

Sorry. Calling it like I see it.

Good luck in the GC. Would be nice to see Riders win it. It's been a long time. The only bad thing is they had to beat the Lions. LOL. I'm still a little bummed but I'll get over it.

I'm sure the rivalry between the Lions and Riders is going to be even better in the upcoming years.

It was already a pretty good rivalry before this year and those were 9-9 teams the Riders were fielding.

I had to repost and put a disclaimer at the end because my post got deleted. Some people don't know how to take a joke.