riderfans forum issues

Hi, does anyone know the status of the riderfans forum page. Its been buggy for a few days and now my browser does not even allow it to open at all and their contact form does not seem to work.

I logged into riderfans with no problems. Mind you, I have windows 10 and my browser is Microsoft Edge.

still don't like the new forum at all. the old one was much better

I agree and I was able to access it from riderville!

I agree and would like the riders to return their own separately run forum, there's no need to have it lumped together with the whole league, looks like no ones interested , unless they're waiting for the season to start.

Damn Jones. Now he can't even satisfy you with the Rider forums. Guaranteed if he would have ovepaid Dressler and Chick the forum would also be running smoothly. Damn Jones, just can't do nothing right.

ha that’s funny

but I don't think it has anything to do with jones

I find this new forum so unimpressive, I can barely even look at it for information , I have no desire to see what the other teams do . I really liked the old rider forum where you could see just the rider news . and follow rider ongoings;. maybe the games will bring more excitement to the news.

Might I suggest adding a bookmark icon to your viewer? I do this to the sites I frequent the most. They end up showing on the bar under the web address. For me I have, for example, the Rider forum (here), Instagram, Twitter, a fer investment sites, etc. Handy as all heck.

I have no idea what your talking about, I can barely turn this thing on.

lol, fair enough. If you want I can help you with it. What browser do you use?

They need to get rid of the morons currently running it. There's little civility in it and the mods let so much crap go in there it's a hell hole.

The guy who runs it thinks he is a superstar and is the worst mod anywhere.

Corruption at its finest.

I find that the Rider fan forum is no more corrupt as you say than Esksfans, Bluebomber forum or Stampsfans. They all let lots go but see lots of people warned and suspended on Rider forum. Maybe you are like Area51 and bitter him who has been kicked off Riderfans.com!

It's a shit show at Riderfans.com

Everybody attacks everyone and there's very little civility there.

You have got that right. It's embarrassing to see all the trash talk especially about the Bombers. Lol a team that last year went 3-15 and have yet to play a game and your talking this much smack? Really disgusting is how they diss Dressler and Smith after all that Dressler has done for this team. Now they proclaim he is too short and the same with Smith when last year he was the darling of the team. Like I said just embarrassing and quite shameful actually.

:roll: :lol: :wink:

Speaking of which, that site seems to be down and has been for the last couple of days. No I’m not a member but I check it out from time to time just to see how much chest pounding is going on. With the Stamps and the Eskimos losing last night I was sure they would be planning the Grey Cup parade route in Regina. Then again maybe that is exactly what they are doing and far to busy to maintain the site. :lol:

It can stay down for all I care.

What I don't get is why they would choose the start of the season weekend to do maintenance to the site. I know Riders are on the bye week but still seems odd timing to me.