for all you rider fans you havent already heard of it, and you like chatting on CFL forms, check it out.

I will check out riderfans.com. I also have a question and rather than start a new thread I think it fits well enough here. Are there any Riderville members out there? If so, do you think it is worth the $40 + membership fee for May until December? Do you know if they have a free trial period to check the site out? I don’t feel like shelling out the $$$ without knowing anything about the value of the site.
Thanks to anyone who can help here!

Ive just been reading the thread “You know what’s really dumb”,and it seems most of my questions have been answered there. Noone has said if there is a free trial though, so I’d still like to know about that.

Thanks Eskimos32001, another place to read what others think for free.