Riderfans.com very unreliable lately

The site has been down a lot lately, especially during game night.

Extremely unreliable.

They need to change hosts, clearly this one can't handle the traffic

that would explain why more than 2 rider fans online here this game lol

Never found it and overly efficient site...this among other reasons has kept me from going there

Lots of rugged individualists and bedpan warriors. Prolly 8 or 9 repetitive voices account for 85 to 90% of the traffic.

Mods love banning folks over there to be sure. That said - 4 or 5 of the posters (out of over 1500 registered) have great senses of old Saskatchewan humor. But you have to filter thru the filth and vermin - with big horkin' sides of hate.

And now they're cheaping out on their web-hosting packages! Unbelievable!

Soon they'll be worse than curlingzone.com or ourbombers.com which are basically dormant sports sites now!


I wonder what software they’re using and what host they’ve perched themselves on? Even these forums with its fairly modest traffic can push a server really hard; we actually now have this site on 3 servers that auto-scale up to 8 if demand goes up.

Does anyone have a contact there? The league can’t offer to host for them, but I can help move them somewhere that can take the traffic.

Yeah you and IQ51 have been banned and they have even allowed that a-hole back. Hopefully one of these days you man up, for your sake.

There is one power mad left wing pussy mod there but even she doesn't ban very much. You sound like a big suck with your constant nagging about them when you have only yourself to blame for anything that may have happened.....

Why are we advertising another forum on this forum?
It’s like McDonalds advertising for Tim Hortons.

Normally I'd agree, but since this is a league-run site and the league benefits from all types of fan engagement, mentioning other sites isn't a problem for us. Though maybe we should make them buy ad space. :wink:

Right. Gotcha. Of course that is right action.