Riderfans.com forum down

The Riderfans forum has been down since the weekend. If anyone has news or an update, please post it.

Thought I read somewhere their host's server died. Don't really recall where I saw that as I don't use the site.

Mostly homers and ne'r do wells - they've had this problem before. Its a rather large site. They have well over 5,000 members but mostly dominated by a bakers dozen of folks in permanent or semi-permanent state of rage.

They'll get more bandwith - because there's far too much money on the line.

Used to post there - had over 12,000 posts but they think most bomber fans are homers - my objective style of posting musta pissed them off severely. Some hokem gave me a six month suspension for posting humor - and I requested the life sentence.

Anyone who uses reason & humour is anathema to those folks. Lets put it this way - other than 4 or 5 posters who exhibit great humour and open-mindedness - its the most Neanderthal sports site I've ever had the privilege of posting on. Bomber sites are close - but most bomber sites just have a handful of posters - mainly 4 or 5 big gulpers spewing invectives at each other.

Last time the Riders site went down hard it was up 'n running in less than two weeks. According to reports most regular inferno types were starting to develop the shakes after only 3 days out!!!

Biggest problem there (I used to poke in back when I was active and then for a while shortly after) is that one needs to tow a line...heaven forbid you provide objectivity. I mean there were some who got burned alive and deserved it and there are a few who appreciate the objectivity...but one can only provide in doses. I mean ffs...you know me...I provide pretty slight objectivity and I am generally not an arse about players nor teams...specially cuz I have been there. I have learned a long time ago to generally not give full out assessments/objectivity of any team/established player if they lean too negatively because it just rubs people wrong. This sometimes comes across as cheerleading...but it is just not worth the fights lol. I have one CFL spot that I post pretty openly and it seems to be more open to that....where you can actually talk football. you take it better than most....A51 was one of the worst. I believe my last post over there was when they hired Marshall and put him in Taman. I said something along the line of that he would produce a good team that wouldn't last and gave reasons why....was bashed non-stop over it by people that bashed with nothing to support their stance. I am all for them not agreeing with me and supporting why that is...but this was my signal to depart. For the most part, every team's board gets like this once it gets heavy traffic.

Does anyone have contact info for the people who run that site? I wouldn't mind providing some technical support or advice to help them out - all active CFL team forums are important to the greater cause.

My own assessment fwiw - the riders site is pretty much a closed society. They don't accept outside help - in fact they really get angry when outsiders like to help.
Its the biggest team web site in the league - in terms of gross # of members but the defining problem is the owners and controllers of the site are very biased against non-cheerleader types.

I am not able to log on to Morning Big Blue, so is it also down like Ridefans?

Morning Big Blue has been up all morning or at least when I logged in. Just tried it again and it is up and flying. Might need to clear your cache.

As for Riderfans.com being down - it appears to still be down. This happened during the winter for a few days not sure what happened.

screw the site.

let it sit dead.

Saskatchewan Roughriders should be in control of a forum site, not this prick who runs it.

You may have had over 12,000 posts, but 11,000 were threads you started about the Bombers.

I was wondering what happened to Riderfans.com, good to see I'm not the only one that had trouble. Last I was able to access the site was early Saturday morning (May 5). Although I've gone through withdrawal, I'm sure they'll have it up & running again soon.

Saturday also was the last time I could log in. Once it's up, I hope the mods create either a facebook or twitter page to alert members to problems.

While I don't use RF, I know Gov has been updating via twitter.

With ZC now on the Riders roster, they should get used to "being down".

Statements like that are considered blasphemous over at RF.com. :o

Riderfans.com seems to be an old boys fan site who gather and complain about the days when a group of old boys was running the team. It’s ironic that they run the site in the exact same manner that they say they despise.

They love Roy Shivers and hate Jim Hopson - that kind of logic.

I guess we can always look at the bright side of things and say that with that site being down and possibly D.O.A that it might just increase the traffic on this board . The only bad thing about it would be unfortunately an added influx of more Rider fans in here ;D. To be fair and honest although I wasn't a member I used to scan and read that forum on a regular basis and found it quite amusing and often very informative on some subjects and way uninformative on others . I'll give Rider fans props though as a fan base they are extremely passionate about all things Riders . That is as long as it's positive BUT if it's even a little bit of what you would call constructive criticism or conceived as perhaps a tad negative or of a different opinion then what the majority want to hear ? Well then Watch Out !!! ;D

Many in Regina are pondering should they jump off the Wascana bridge :):). Some people on that forum are quite addictive

Looks like it will be back very soon.

Web page now has a message on it.

I still get "error 404".