Riderfans.com down

What is arguably the best CFL forum (as far as activity goes) is currently down.

Maybe the Riders finally shut it down. It's run by a bunch of losers who let everything go and don't know what moderating means.

A very corrupt site run by a wannabe superstar.

How is this "CFL Talk" related? Move it to the Sask area. Also im pretty sure they are doing an upgrade to the site.

Wanna do an upgrade? Get rid of the people in charge currently.

If they've got you all riled up they must be doing something right.

MODS can we move this to the proper forum? This has nothing to do with CFL talk.

Maybe there's hardware problems. Maybe it's under DDoS attack. Maybe someone didn't pay a bill.

Lots of reasons why servers go offline.

edit - Looks like maintenance ran into problems: http://www.lionbackers.com/bc_lions/vie ... 21#p371258

What a load of garbage. It's extremely well run and moderated, particularly compared to this site. You sound like the bitter loser who was likely banned, right?

The person in charge is excellent. Stop being a a**hole.

Are you talking about RiderStronson?

Well that's unfortunate.

The site is excellent in terms of activity, best in the league for that. As you'd expect much of the content is nonsensical drivel from pom pom waving Rider Fan - - "Chad Kilgore looks like a good young MLB"..."Brando Tennant looks like a good young DT"...

While there's some solid posters there, if you post too many critical assessments of the Riders you'll be banned.

They were irate last year when I pointed out in the pre season that it would take a miracle for the Riders to finish 9-9 and that JIm Barker fleeced them badly on the Shea Emry-for-Ricky Foley trade. They were apoplectic when it turned out my assessments were spot on. Hence, I'm persona non-grata there.

It's interesting - - and quite humorous - - that the Regina media shills and the Rider management are constantly reading the forum. Guys such as Slob Vanstone, Rod Peterson and Mitch Blair have very little understanding of the game and are often ridiculed for it. Funniest part is when they try to fire back about "anonymous message board posters".

He's one of the moderators but it's run by an Indian guy from Calgary.

Site is in the midst of a server change and taking longer than expected.

He's an asshole.

Knows shit about football, he thinks just because he's a big cheese of the Rider forum that he can do whatever the hell he wants.

I'm glad im done there. Free speech doesn't exist as if you aren't with the majority or part of the good ole boys you can't say anything that doesn't upset them.

Or they all gang up on you for having your own opinion.

Hell one of them even called Wayne Shaw a hypocrite. That's pretty pathetic.

Most of the members are idiots.

Which one are you referring to - - Stronson or the Indian guy?

Agree about Wayne Shaw being a very good poster and offering some excellent analysis and assessment. He and I were usually in agreement on various subjects - - particularly on the treatment of Canadian players.

The irony spewing from cflisthebest is classic.

Is it really that unbelievable that two of the more full of themselves posters on here and not welcome over there? You guys crack me up sometimes.

Despite all of this, this still isn't CFL talk, it should be moved to the Rider subforum. Any mods around?

I don’t post here as much because the format is poorly setup and it’s not a busy site.