Rider win dedicated to my DAD!!

On a serious note, My Dad passed away on June 25th a number of years ago. He was born in Shaunavan, Saskatchewan and a huge Rider fan. Here's to you Dad , a Rider win on this sad memory day for our family. My dad was a jokster who liked to make people laugh. I try to have some fun on this site with some good natured button pushing and teasing fans from other teams. My Dad loved the CFL and Canada ( he was a world War II veteran , RCAF who flew in Bomber command from England and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross). Despite our differences we have a great country and a great league. I toast my DAd today and the parity in the CFL which is great for the league. Having said that, cheers to you Dad and Riders Rule!!

  • thanks to all for letting me get a little emotional for a minute.
    Long live the CFL and Canada where we can bash each other good naturedly about a game rather than in some countries where freedom does not exist and the only bashing that goes on is with bombs , bullets and terrorists strikes. Thanks Dad and other vets for helping make Canada one of the best countries to live in!!

good stuff :wink:

Amen and sorry for your loss turkey.

Weird coincidence though, that this was the date the Riders stadium dropped the name of another war vet.

Nice story Turkey. I'm sure your dad held the ball in the air at the end while Eddie Davis was coming on to get the winning interception and touchdown.

...my dad was also in the R.C.A.F. ...and took part in the Battle of Britain....who knows they could have even crossed paths...nice story turk....and nice win... :thup: :thup:

Sorry about your father. We sure owe a lot to our vets. Freedom is gift.

well said, TB, I'm sure he is resting precfully.

BTW, how old are you?

My Dad was in the 1st Canadian Paratrooper battalion. Jumped on D-day!

My great grandfather was in WW1 from the first day to the last and survived, then 4 months after the War he got hit by a train....ohhh the irony

that is a great tribute to your old man Turkey......and here I always thought you were hatched....:slight_smile:

I'd had ancestors that have served in the Boer Wars, WW 1 and 2.