Rider vs Stamps game day thread

This game could prove interesting if Calgary forgets to show up and play. They cannot take the riders lightly or they will lose. A piviotal game in the standings, the riders know that if they loose this one their chances for a first place finish in the west are alll but lost. The riders are hurting badly on the injury front, but today the Stamps also have key players out for the game. Both teams have already lost in each others park with the finally scores being close in both. If I were a betting man, which I am, I'd take the stamps by 7.5, however the riders always seem to go against the grain. Being a rider fan I'm hoping they can pull this one out.
Bishop will not only be on a short leash with coach Miller, but with the fans after the riders current 3 game loosing streak. If Bishop doesn't move the ball and acually score in the red zone by the end of the 1st quarter I can see many of the rider faithful voicing their displeasure with a chouris ob Boo's.

I think the Stamps need to take advantage of a weak Riders team, especially since B.C. has Toronto, which pretty much gives hem 2 points.

Go Stamps!

The times they are a changin.

Wasnt long ago you'd have a game day thread opened with 10 or 15 responses from Rider fans all hot and bothered
over their team. Sure getting quiet. LOL

Where's some Burris sux, or some Burris will choke threads.........will it be Hank or Frank???

I miss the weekly Turkey rankings.

Come on priders, cheer up!

Yeah, where are the turkey rankings this season...? :frowning:


Can you please edit out the word you used in front of Riders on your first post
on this thread.

For the sake of all our rider friends that visit this site. They seem to be a fragile lot.

Thank you in advance.

I'm hoping Hank rebounds from a subpar perf. last week. I hope our "D" doesn't give up any hail mary flukes either. The Stamps should win this game. All things point to it. We'll see :cowboy:

Turkeybend tends to be a bit quite this time of the year with thanksgiving fastly approaching. :wink:

Hopefully the weathers decent, so we can show the rider fans what a passing attack
looks like. I believe the best fans in the league deserve that.

Heres to a good game, with decent reffing, and no cheapshots.

Good luck!

I'm not holding my breath for decent reffing :expressionless:

I'm hoping we catch some of Hank's passes tonight!

Good luck to both teams! But you know whre my loyalty will always ly. So rider fans get those Hank Su-cks shsirt out and be very scared. LOL. Turkeynuts where are you?

Greenlady you must be living in the past Hank does not throw to rider players any more. He throws to the guys in red and white. Now Bishop on the other hand LOL.

Well hopefully Hank feels like reminiscing tonight :wink:

Nice I like that come back but sorry that is not going to happen LOL at least I hope not. :rockin:

No dice! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one. :lol: :lol:

I Loathe Burris (as a plyer only of course).

Trilyn did you not mean you love Burris!

Stamps 3 Tillmans's Gazoo's 0

I am happy for Chris Getzlaf getting his first grab (and first start), he is my 3rd cousin on my moms side.

Nice drive early!

Shiet that was too easy, the stamps secondary better wake up. Making bishop look good.