Rider trash talk from the Star Phoenix!

[url=http://www.canada.com/saskatoonstarphoenix/news/sports/story.html?id=c8482981-152f-410a-972a-74a3e663c800]http://www.canada.com/saskatoonstarphoe ... a3e663c800[/url]

Interesting quote: "That the Green and White will prevail by 20 or 30 points on the scoreboard is now a foregone conclusion."

Hey Saskabush supporters, don't let your ego's get too far ahead of yourselves at this stage! Last I saw the Bombers defence is still showing up for this game, not some pee wee team. If you don't cut the trash talk like this is already over, I think you'll be dumping some manure on a few lawns after Sunday I think instead!! Keep it up though since the Argos will tell you they are eating their words now!

That's just one person take on the matter. I suspect a very close game. These teams don't like each other. He is just being stupid.

Don't worry. I don't think there are many Rider fans or Saskatchewan residents who agree with that very irresponsible reporter. We know it will be a tough battle with or without Glenn. This is going to be a great game between two great teams. Looking forward to it!

Anyone who thinks the Riders will take the Bombers for granted is dreaming. That's what the Bombers want to happen. It won't.

Whoa Dude, don’t get your mosquito netting twisted into a knot. It’s one reporter’s blurb, not Kerry Joseph, Reggie Hunt or even Scott Schultz.

you can see this guy is just trying to bait either team into saying something. Nothing to worry about here

Thats Doug McConachie for you. He just really isn't very good. He is our sports editor and only writes about the Riders when a) we are doing horrible or b) doing really good.
I honestly don't think he really likes the CFL. Before the BC game he pretty much wrote that we didn't have a chance. He is not our regular Rider writer, in fact we get pretty much all of our Rider stuff from the Regina Leader-Post writers.

Apparently, ET writes under a pen name. What else is there for him to do while he recovers ? This is definitely going to fuel the fire even more, just like before the Argo game, I'm once again getting a good feeling about this one. :lol:

This has nothing to do with the Riders or ET.

McConachie’s a dipshit. Everyone here knows that.


Class act. His name is Ryan Dinwiddie.

I don’t know who is worse, the poster or the author… :expressionless:

Im getting so sick of the media trash talk its not even funny its just classless

You mean me?