Rider transactions Dec 15

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have released the following players:

International running back Anthony Allen
International safety Tyron Brackenridge
International defensive back Weldon Brown
International defensive back Marshay Green
International defensive back Macho Harris
National linebacker Nathan Kanya
National defensive back Hugo Lopez
International defensive back Terrell Maze
National fullback Scott McHenry
International defensive back Junior Mertile
National linebacker Kyle Norris
International receiver Jamel Richardson
International defensive lineman Cameron Sheffield
International quarterback Blake Sims
International receiver Taj Smith
International running back Chad Spann
International defensive back Alex Suber
International defensive lineman Derek Walker
National linebacker Ryan Wellman

The coaching staff isn't the only overhaul!

Can't say I'm surprised, or unhappy. But some of those names are pretty surprising. Lots of salary dump, and from the looks of things, an entirely new secondary.

This will be interesting. Can't wait to see how things shake out.

A little surprised at Brown and McHenry

Agree. Surprised at Brackenridge as well. Though I guess I shouldn't be because of his salary.

I am not shocked by any of these names....perhaps Brown aside. Wondering what his contract details were.

Part of this is also that they need to get to their season ending roster right away...most teams have already released this. It is one of my favorite times of the year, gameplay aside....looking at the season ending rosters

Jones is "supposedly" anticipating 4-5 of the FA starters from the esks to be coming on board...so this is a factor as well.

1 year ago...Brack is not on this list, but the past staff let him and others get away with embarassing tackling attempts and continual superman highlight real hit and miss attempts...this made his contract too high...he needs to take a massive cut or he won't be playing anywhere unfortunately...which is a real shame.

Money says the Riders will have an ex-Esk at RB along with a new guy or 2 in camp. Wouldn't be stunned if Allen gets a camp invite, but wouldn't hold my breathe.

Beyond that...cutting Maze is 'somewhat' surprising...as well is Wellman, because of his passport.

Well as someone said above sounds like it'll be a whole new secondary. In Jones' presser he said that they are moving to a man to man team. Those guys just didn't fit that mold. We need a new secondary and trust Jones will make it happen. Perhaps some Brandon Browner types are in order for this team.

It also sounds like Durant and Dressler are both in the plans.

Yeah, glad to hear this

Something I had not picked up on until watching a Jones interview...all of these guys were pending FAs. I do not like that none of these guys were contacted prior to the release...but as he put it, this opens the door for them to jump on employment opportunities faster. Makes sense.

I could see that a couple of them might still be approached as free agents...which is really where they were at anyways.

I like that his mini-camps are starting right away....there are more cuts coming. On an up-side, there are supposed to be a few re-signings announced tomorrow.

The surprise for me was Getz nor Bagg on the list so it kind of says to me that they are still in the game plan as well.

For me, the new brass has a game plan, and are starting the execution ASAP. As for the 19 guys released today, that is up to them and their vision. Am I disappointed with a few being released? Yes... But at the end of the day, this is now Chris Jones team, and he will build as he sees fit. And I have confidence in him.

I do not like the fact that the organization did not contact these players directly first, vs. an outright public release. In my opinion, it is just professional courtesy... Hopefully they can get some of those small details worked out and maintain professionalism in all transactions going forward.

IMO, if your image becomes slightly tarnished because you appear unprofessional, it just may close the doors on a few players who just plain WONT play here because of that.

All my opinion of course

Good point...Jones also has said there is more to come though. Remember...the biggest part of this is that teams need to get down to their 53(?) man season ending roster...time was up...other teams had done this already. You are going to cut to get to that line and then stop. Some of these guys were cut because they were dead weight, some because they do not fit Jones's style, some for overdone contracts. They needed to cut certain contracts before Jan 1 or they take a roster bonus hit, so if a guy (Brack is the perfect example) has a contract value that they are like...hey, NO WAY are we coming close to that, then they cut him because they there is a reduced likelihood of inking him, so why take the hit on him.

yeah...things to iron out include reminding O'day that he is administration...that means he is probably the guy who contacts agents or players directly.

Yeah not cool especially for vets to find out through the media that your gone. They deserve better then that and yes in my opinion it does not look good on the team. This team may be under new management but this is really inexcusable to not have been done with more class. Jones and company better get their sh## together in the future and handle these situations much more professionally.

Riders have a reputation of treating players with dignity, this does not reflect that image in the least. Business is business but that doesn't mean you can't do it with integrity. I hope this is the last time that such things are handled in this manner ever.

This hits it on the head. I could not agree more.

This will not be the last time people are upset with the way Jones handles stuff like this...it is his nature. O'day is the administration fellow...if gthere are going to be calls it is going to need to be by him. All that said, Jones or one of the guys likely did shoot agents an email on this in advance...which is a fairly standard practice, especially for mass cuts like that of setting the season ending rosters. Perhaps some of these players that have been focally disapointed should be looking at the people that THEY pay and thinking twice. I find it really hard to believe there was no communication...in fact, there HAD to be.

Ideally there should be a quick phonecall...but you are seeing less and less of this all of the time, because players are getting stupid with social media, so the story is busted before it is supposed to. Now you hav ecalled a few players but not the rest and it breaks...how does that make an uncontacted guy feel? I tend to think this is the new norm for mass player releases.

Jones said at a press conf. that they contacted either the players themselves or their agents (or he's outright lying). If the agents were too lazy to let the players know, change agents.

Had to register all over, mad as hell, lost all my posts… not happy to see Weldon gone, surprised with a few others as well… time will tell


Riders make trade with Toronto - Trade DL for an OL

I liked Monroe he had spunk and could play!!

Good lord is there going to be a single player left from last year on the team? Munroe was very good on the inside and he played with enthusiasm. So yeah lets dump him too. Not sure about this one. Jones better show results or it could be a short stint with the green and white.

And so it begins. Two weeks in and a fan is threatening upheaval.