rider/toronto game day thread

15 minutes to the big show. Can the riders win and keep their home field playoff hopes alive. I guess we will know in a few hour from now. Riders win with a BC lose and the riders could still possibly host the western semi's. Lots of if's and but's will be sorted out shortly. Being a riders fan "GO RIDERS".

WooHoo, go Argo’s yea!!

not a good start for the riders. They almost always seem to play catch up football.

nice toss KJ,lets go RIDERS!

woot woot, ye haw. Go Argo's. Nice drive! No cheesy penalties needed :stuck_out_tongue:

Stampeder67, you obviouously don't know a penatly if it bite you in the arss. It was a penalty.

nicely said

Nice toss Bishop,Last week riders great,now this week ?I hope we see a change in the play tonight

I guess Bishop is allowed only one more or he will be pulled. It's good having 3 capable QB's.

C'mon Dressler tripped over the 25 yard line cause the ball was under thrown. :rockin:

Bad penalty by the riders may have cost them more than 1 point now.

Nothing to do with being bumped and hit in the helmit, eh.

3 capable? and Bishop only gets one more? kind of an oxymoron isn't it. If he's so capable why the early hook. No confidence in him?

Argo's are on FIRE!

Looking good :rockin:

Ok, now would be a good time for the riders to pick it up offensivly, defensivly, and on specialtly teams. You think.

Just to add to that. If you get a chance to look at the replay do it. I saw it like this. A little hand bump as the ball is in the air but, the Argo defender turned around well before the ball arrived. The problem is the ball was under thrown and Dressler saw this right away and put the brakes on so of course he got ran over because the Argo DB was still running full out.

On a under thrown ball i don't agree with that call. In fact the defender now has a better chance at the ball. Have another look, maybe I'm wrong.

wow quick hook on Bishop. This makes no sense!! If Bishop is such a liability that he gets the hook after 1 pick while being drilled. Why bother starting him at all. Is he hurt? I may have missed something.

Why should I agree with you. My team is loosing. I’m looking for excusses. LOL

Good point, I can appreciate that :lol:

Is Bishop hurt? I went to can and Jyles is in?

I was watching the Knights game, and decided to turn this game on during the intermission. Imagine my surprise when I saw the score was 7-0 for the Argos, and now 21-10. Sheesh. Are the Riders just giving up hope of getting home field...?