Rider/Ticat game blackout???? Anyone know?

Just curious if anyoneknows if the blackout has been lifted in Sask??

Go Riders!!

I haven't seen any indication that they will lift the blackout. I'll be at the game so it doesn't matter to me. There is a big hillbilly music thing out at Craven, I'd think that would make it less likey.

Yeah, I figured with Craven this weekend and Tim McGraw playing tonight that a sellout would never happen, but on my SaskTel Max guide it has CFL football on that timeslot. You would think they would change it if it wasn't going to be shown. I toowill be at the game, but myfiancee will be in S'Toon and she wants to watch. I was hoping it would play because I have finally got her tothe point where she will watch a game without me. May not sound like much, but I sure am pumped!!!

Go Riders!!

Well, I can't make it to the game tonight...damn job...but I will be listening to it on the radio and it would be an added bonus if it was on TV.