Rider tailgate party in Calgary

Here are the details for the Rider tailgate - This is taken from

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The Northern Pikes and Jason Plumb will be the featured entertainers at
the Rider Ripper Tailgate Party on July 23rd.

Admission is free. Doors open at 5pm on July 23rd at Foothills Stadium
(right beside McMahon football stadium). There will be a beer garden set
up with ample amounts of of Canadian and Pilsener on hand. The Vipers
baseball concessions people will also have BBQ’s set up for you to buy
burgers and dogs.

As you know we’re holding a honkin’ big tailgate party on July 23rd.
Well… it just got a bit bigger with the announcement that our
entertainment for the day will be The Northern Pikes and Jason Plumb.
The Pikes have been around for a long time and always deliver the goods
for their fans. Jason Plumb was front man for The Waltons for many years
before embarking on a solo career and he also brings his many talents to
our beeg bash! The day will be a pretty packed one with doors opening at
5pm. (Game time is 8pm, so we’ve got a lot of time on our hands to ramp
it up prior to kickoff!) We might also add that Bob Poley and Roger
Aldag will also be on hand to handle hosting duties and toss suitable
barbs in the direction of the Stampeders. Our main sponsors for the
event is the Saskatchewan Department of Industry and Resources as well
as the Saskatchewan Centennial 2005 folks. All U of S and U of R alumni
should be getting notices shortly and we welcome anyone who would like
to join in on the fun. Have a question? email us here
info@sasksocialclub.com !

Not that I really care about the tailgate party.
People who go to this game.Watch for Jason Plum.He use to play with the band called the Waltons.I heard his last disk.He is very talented.
As for the northern Pikes big deal.
Calgary 35, riders 13.
This is the only time I cheer for those stinking stampeders.