Rider Slogan

Do you think the Rider's should drop the "Canada's team" slogan?

The slogan is used on RIder's paper share certificates.


I can't vote because I could simply care less. Let them call themselves what they want. Personally I like "saskatchewan's team". Has a nice ring to it. But if "Canada's Team" is a losing legacy laden, downtrodden, chest thumping organization with a Gopher as a mascot (oooo, not the dreaded gopher--scary!)...then I'm moving to Qweebek and voting PQ. Then I could be known as "Estit'd Moseus"...

i dont care. everyone knows that the stamps are canada's team anyway.

Makes sense that the team with Canada's colours would be Canada's team.

Calgary as Canada's team? Only people in Calgary cheer for them. As for the colours comment, what would that have to do with anything? The Dallas Cowboys claim to be America's team and they are blue and grey, not red, white and blue. Should the Patriots be America's team?

The Riders have a significant number of fans across Canada. Who cares if they use the slogan. Nothing is stopping other teams from using it.
Either way, it is just marketing. It makes Rider fans across the country feel good so they buy tickets and merchandise and shares.

And whos says a gopher isn't scary? I bet you would scream like a little girl if one jumped on you.

The Patriots ARE America's team. That's why they're called the Patriots. And the only reason people outside Calgary don't cheer for the Stamps is that Calgary's such a great place to live that people only come here, nobody moves away.

Actually Dallas is considered America's team. All that is is a marketing tactic used to increase merchandise sales and share sales.

Considered by who? People in Dallas. The Patriots are America's team because they always win, just like America. Everybody loves Tom Brady. Everybody thought it was a riot when TO dissed the star in the middle of Dallas' field.. just because they market themselves that way doesn't mean they are "considered" that way by the public.
Maybe in Aikman's day.

Only rider fans say that they are Canadas team
They should change it to Canadas redneck team.LOL

Hey that didn't sound very pro-Riders to me. Don't you still have three days left?

If you type in America's team in google the first thing to pop up is the official site of the Dallas Cowboys. And I've watched the NFL for 20 years and Dallas has always been called America's team by the announcers.

The Patriots always win? They lost most of their games in the 60’s 70’s 80’s, early 1990’s and 2000. Plus Calgary4Now…I found this quote for ya…

“After the ‘78 season, the Cowboys had just lost a crushing Super Bowl. I wanted to come up with a different twist on their team highlight film. I noticed then, and had noticed earlier, that wherever the Cowboys played, you saw people in the stands with Cowboys jerseys and hats and pennants. So I put that name on the Cowboys’ film, and in 1979 the TV announcer for their first game introduced the Cowboys as ‘America’s Team.’ They took a lot of heat for it, but it stuck. Later other clubs like the Atlanta Braves and the U.S. Olympic hockey team
have tried to call themselves ‘America’s Team.’ But that name belongs to the Cowboys.”

-Bob Ryan, Vice President and editor-in-chief, NFL Films

“you saw people in the stands with Cowboys jerseys and hats and pennants”…Hmmm sounds like when the Riders play in other cities…you don’t see Stamps jerseys anywhere but Calgary and Edmonton.

.....the idea of the stamps being canada's team is just crazy talk, crazy I say.....that being said, you shouldn't get your fur up so much gopher just 'cause someone says it, worried someone might steal your thunder?....take it easy bro, mellow out and get a rabies shot.....

Steal what thunder? What are you talking about?

........that when the other stamps fan (name eludes me now) threatened to steal your slogan you jumped all over him........

I didn't know I had a slogan, but you seem the quite the know it all in here. You don't mind a debate as long as people agree with you.

......what anger......geez, I try to answer your question and get this treatment?.....what is YOUR problem?........

Hey Gainer, I noticed you call me Calgary4Now - that's when you should try living - in the NOW! I don't know if you noticed.. but it's not 1979. It's 2005. I said maybe in Aikman's day, and 1979 is a long time before that even. Just like the Patriots USED to lose a lot of games, but not anymore! But then maybe you're still lodged solidly in 1989, in which case 79 wouldn't seem like that long ago at all...