Rider should throw deep

I believe that the riders running is going to be challenged by the Eskies linebackers early in the game like in the last Calgary game. If the riders were to throw deep early in the game to keep the linbackers honest it would open up more of a running game for them. Then who knows perhaps with 2 running backs in the backfield and us controlling the tenches we could have a wide open running game. Rider defense has to establish themselves early in this game not like in the Calgary game 2 weeks ago. If not we could be in for a long game.

crandell doesnt know how to throw anything other than a 8 yard hook.....so good idea but....dont think its gonna happen

That’s not fair. He does know how to throw an incompletion.

he should have been flaged for grounding the ball LOL

if our recievers ran 8 yards and laid flat on their back....he'd got 22-24, the only reason he wouldnt be perfect is he'd probably throw a couple right at a DL chest.