Rider season ticket sales top 23,000

From Rod Pederson's blog:

"Saskatchewan Roughrider President/CEO Jim Hopson announced today the ticket sales for the upcoming CFL season at Mosaic Stadium, have surpassed the 23,000 mark.

"We continue to be overwhelmed by the support of Rider Nation," stated Hopson. "We find ourselves in a unique position thanks to the dedication of our fans."

On Monday season ticket sales opened to the public and since that time, new season ticket and flex pack sales have escalated to a level where the team is now looking at capping the amount available.

"We are urging fans to get their season tickets now so that they are not disappointed," added Hopson. "For the first time we are looking at capping the amount of season tickets available, so that we can ensure there are tickets available for game day sales and flex pack redemption."

The Roughriders have set a tentative cap mark of 25,000 for season tickets and flex packs which will leave only a limited amount of season tickets available for purchase.

"There are of course still tickets available but we realize that if they continue to sell at this rate, we will have to cap them at 25,000," Hopson concluded.

Season tickets and flex packs will remain on sale until the limited quantities are sold. Flex pack redemption will take place on May 25th until May 31st while single game tickets will be available for purchase beginning on June 1st. "

Glad I have mine. Pickings will be very slim come June 1.

Good to hear! :thup:


I think we'll see attendance rise league wide again this year, it especially helps when the Al's will be playing in an expanded stadium, they're not guaranteed to have the lowest attendance each week now.

Man, good news for Sask, and Montreal is likely going to do good again this year as well. I just wish the Ti-Cats and Argos sold tickets that fast, although apparently we did break a record for season tickets this year. Not sure if there has been an official release on that though.

I'm happy for the Saskatchewan Roughriders reaching their goal and beyond. :thup:

Congradulations Sask , like i said before if the rest of the league has your passion every stadium would be sold out.

here is all the stadiums that sell out everygame


Here in is the attendance figures in order

  1. edmonton averged 38,000
  2. Galgary averged 34,000
  3. Sask averged 30,000
    4 BC averged 28,000
    5 Toronto averged 27,000
    6 Winnipeg averaged 24,000
    7 Hamilton averaged 21,000
    8 Montreal averaged 20,000

i say this year BC , Hamilton (if they stay Competative) Sask, Mont, Calgary, could all sellout everygame this year,
Winnipeg , Toronto, Edmonton. will not.

5 teams sell out every game i think would be a record.

Edmonton hasn't sold out a regular season came back to back in ages.

not since the late 70's..

or was it the early 80's??

either way

the only game that will sell out in 2010 is the Grey Cup.

but the Rider games should bring in 50,000 + especially if both teams are hot!

umm the only team who will technically sell out all their games will be montreal.. thats it. the riders while they do have big crowds, some games just dont sell out for them, not technically atleast. calgary wont sell out every game, no chance. hamilton? are u kidding me, u couldnt even sell out your playoff game, keep dreaming there.. the argos? thats almost impossible? the bombers... not likely either as wpg fans seem to only show up when its nice out and the team is winning (much like ticat fans) and edmonton will never sell out all their games either.

dont get me wrong id love to see 5 teams or more sell out all games but to think its gonna happen is just kidding yourself.

2 teams out of 8 will likely sell out most games and thats sask and mtl.. everyone else wont.

last years attendance doesnt matter either. its 2010 last i checked, not 2009.

forgot bc is playing at a smaller venue so they could also.

What's your point? It is difficult to sell out your stadium when it has 63 000 seats.... more than twice as large as most stadiums in the league, and over 3 times larger than the smallest one(montreal has 20 000 seats).

The Eskimos have led the league in attendance EVERY season for the past 20+ years. I don't really see what you are trying to complain about. Just seems like another unusual jab at Edmonton for no reason, which you seem to do quite frequently. Low self esteem or inferiority complex?

Considering Hamilton had the second worst average attendance (and would’ve had the worst if it weren’t for the small capacity of Percival-Molson) despite having their best season in a long time, I would be surprised if Hamilton sold out any games other than the Labour Day Classic this year, no matter how well they do (maaaybe if the Roughriders have the attendance raising powers that they’re reputed to, the one home game against the Riders will be close to a sellout). I do hope I’m wrong, but I think having an average attendance above 25,000 is a more realistic prediction.

Last year I think the Riders were slightly short for two games, in 2008 they sold out everygame even the pre-season where they did not give any tickets away and charge the same amount. Halfway through the season the added an extra couple of thousand temp seats that also sold out.

In 2009 the preseason was short by a couple of thousand for a Tuesday night game. The opening night game they were short about 900. I think the ET situation had an impact initially as people were not sure how the team would react and a game against Hamilton was about 600 short, all the rest were sell outs.

I agee that Edmonton does a good job of getting people out, though I understand that they have a lot of cheap deals, but still they do a good job.

bc sask and montreal will play to mostly full houses, commonwealth is so big its hard to compare it to other places.. edmontons avg attendance is actually more than all other stadiums can hold outside of calgary and bc place and the skydome there so i dont understand ripping edmonton either.. u know really i think most places will play to full houses,wpg (dont forget last year ppl boycotted the team cuz of mike kelly and they still out avg'd hamilton there). wpg attendance will go up this year, with the circus leaving town, people will come out again plus it seems that paul lapolice actually knows what an offense in the cfl is supposed to be like so no doubt the fans will be back this year.

i dunno how people can think hamilton will sell out all the games tho.. what does that building hold? like 30,000? umm ya not gonna happen, dont see ur attendance going up by 9000 people per game just cuz u finished 9-9 last year but allright, whatever lol.

its a shame tho, u know.. in the nfl they draw 60,000 80,000 people. dont see why people cant sell out 30,000 seat stadiums for 9 games a year, 10 if you include pre-season.

I think the Hammer has a good chance to sell out 50% of their games if they start off well. 9-9 is a big deal for Ti-cat fans (LOL) overall I think the CFL will continue it's upward swing in regards to ticket sales in 2010. I can see by 2012 almost all stadiums selling out as younger people are getting into the CFL and will have more money as they get older.

Here in is the attendance figures in order

  1. edmonton averged 38,000
  2. Galgary averged 34,000
  3. Sask averged 30,000
    4 BC averged 28,000
    5 Toronto averged 27,000
    6 Winnipeg averaged 24,000
    7 Hamilton averaged 21,000
    8 Montreal averaged 20,000

I agree with Hamilton i see them averging around 23,000 i see Sask selling out, Mont, BC, i think that the reason why Calgary had 34,000 last year was because of the grey cup being there, edmonton will always get 38,000 - 40,000 like they always do, toronto could increase if they are competative, but they also have a stadium that is configured from 52,000 to 30,000, winnipeg will not sell out everygame unless they are the best team in the cfl, that is not going to happen, and montreal never have to worry they sellout everygame. BC has to be competative on top of the west to get 27,500 every game, and if it rains well they will be lucky to hit 25,000.

Edmonton has large sections of their stands closed off and not even available for sale for the majority of the season. In my mind, those seats should not even count towards their capacity as they are not part of the normal availability. That being said, what is the max seating if those seats stay covered? I thought it was high 30's which would make their attendance figures very close to what should technically be classified as a sell out for them. To me, that makes most sense. The same could be said for BC Place.

Edmonto Comenweath Stadium i belive holds 62,000, last year they sold it out for the Roughrider game, but a lot of times when they get big crowdes like that they give a lot of 2 for 1 tickets away to schools, My brother works there.

They usally have a high season ticket base of around 30,000 , this year will be the same .

i say yes those extra seats mean there is another 12,000 seats there, from the 50,000 when they are blocked off.

I believe Baltimore got ahead of us in 1994, just putting that out there lest us Esk fans be accused of inaccuracy lol.

Commonwealth should remove 10,000 seats or so in the upper deck and replace these with some steel artwork or something to enhance the stadium look or look at reducing it to put a retractable roof over it to make it more useable all year long in the coldest big city there is in Canada. A Grey Cup there at the end of November I'll never go to without a roof, too much chance of spending a lot of money travelling to the GC and end up with frigid temperatures. No thanks.

I guess it depends on where you draw the line between "big" and "not big", but in terms of CFL cities, Regina and Winnipeg both have considerably colder average winter temperatures than Edmonton.

Didn't know that PiCat, ok, but in cities like Regina and Winnipeg as well for cities I'll never go to a Grey Cup to spending lots of money for potentially frigid weather unless there is a lid. Although I would think that Edmonton considers themsevles a superior city to either of these cities, just a feeling I get about Edmonton for some reason. :wink:

OK? :wink: