Rider roster moves

From what I understand, Eddie Davis is due to come off the list either next game or the one after.

Is is safe to assume that if they can get healthy we will see Davis and Frazier in the backfield, Stancil at linebacker and Fleiszer on the line in the next couple weeks? I think with those four in, it would significantly upgrade the defensive strength.

Oh yeah, and eliminate the three man rush on defense. I have only seen one or two times IN MY LIFE where the three man rush has not resulted in a big play for the offense. As soon as I saw them rushing three I yelled at the TV last night saying “NO, HE’LL HAVE TOO MUCH TIME TO GO DEEP!!!” adn lo and behold he hits Simon deep. We need pressure, not prevent.

It's like Richie Hall and the players contract stupitus which is very contagious late in games.

I think and well hope that the major porblem right now is personel, there are some big time key players out, and some deffinit spots that are weak regardless of injury.

The front 4 on D just havn't been much of a force this year, regardless of who had been in the line up.

Losing ED was devastating to the secondary, the defense lost the equivalent of a quarterback when we lost ED

The line backers have not been tackleing well, specifically Reggie Hunt, and Lucas has been noting to be overly excited about. Lloyd hasn't played bad IMO.

Offensively Joseph gives what I expected, he isn't in the top teir of quarterbacks in the league, plain and simple and he never will be, with that said I don't want to see Crandell take over Joseph brings more to the table imo.

The oline has had its moments of good play and the next play they look like matadores, Inconsistensy would be the name of the game when it comes to the o line

The receivers have been a highlight but their flaws will become more aparent with the loss of Dominguez, nice to see Fantuz step up and have a good couple of games, Flicks health worries me now looks like he hurt his knee on Sat.

I still think this team looks better than it has in a long time, but I do think that these weaknesses were preasent all season, its just become more and more apparent the bigger and bigger the injury list has gotten.

Eddie will be back for the Calgary game I believe, and all in all they've performed pretty decent without him. As more guys go down and the depth becomes thinner we are seeing some flaws back there.

Probably the best game we've played defensively in a while though. We need to make those easy interceptions though.