Rider Returns

Just wondering when and if you guys are going to get any of your down players back into action before the Riders face the Lions in September? I know injuries are not an excuse and you guys set the bar on this, but I'd rather see healthy starters on both teams for a really good matchup! jeeze how many more guys can you afford to lose? Wish all your hurt guys a speedy recovery and hope they get back in the game soon!

I hope so too.

Probably only Chick

Most of the other big names wont be back until the last few week or playoffs at the earliest.

Flick is likely out for the season, fantuz will return just before play-offs, Chick, and January might be returning before then.

Farmers in Sask don't give up neither do you! used to be in that game and but eventually lost! nice to see someone winning! keep winning until you face my Lions!LOL! may the best team win!

James Johnson should be back for the next game. Chick should be ready to go pretty soon, of course they don't play offense so that's not going to help as much.

I don't think Durant should be out for too long, January shouldn't be out for long either.

Which is Saskatchewan.

This from Rod Pedersen's blog:
(Tillman is gold when it comes to dealing with the media!)

Q. When do you realistically expect to have D.J. Flick and
Andy Fantuz back on the field?

TILLMAN: I think there's every reason to expect to see
those two before the end of the year. D.J. is doing
extremely well with his rehab and we're very optimistic
that he'll be back in October and Andy believes that he
will too. But we have to be smart. Both of those guys are
great athletes but they're also great competitors and
they're going to want to be on the field before they're
ready. We're going to have to pull back on the reins a
little bit and make sure it's safe. But whether it's
early-October, late-October or the playoffs, I do believe
we'll see those two again this season.

Chick is on the 9 game, so he won't be back unless they decide to take him off before week 9.

You can take one player off the nine game during each half of the season I think you will see Chick taken off the list before the labour day game and he should be almost ready to go by the end of the month. If you go by there 4-6 week expectancy.

What I am more interested in is whether or not Tillman is going to make any trades, or if he is scouring the NFL training camps to try to bring in some more talent. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see all our walking wounded get back into the line-up, but I would much rather them make a strong recovery so that these things don’t become recurring injuries, or lead to other injuries, see Matt D.

If we leave Chick on the list, doesn't he miss just the Bomber games? If that's the case, I wouldn't rush him back.

Next weeks game will decide if they need to take chick off…if the defense has another poor showing they may pull him off for the winnipeg games.

What about Scott Gordon? His absense in the secondary was blatant! The Stamps completed EVERY pass they threw!

Do not underestimate the necessity for Gordon to be starting at free saftey. Him and James Johnson back is very IMPORTANT.

No. Simply put, you’re wrong.

Gordon has not impressed me. He is just a hard hitter. I like Clovis a lot more but that is just my opinion. If it was not for that TD that Clovis gave up to Geroy last year he probably is still starting games. Admittedly that was not the ONLY reason Clovis sat but it was a big one. Gordon did the same thing in the WSF last year too..let Rambo in behind him and only because of a poor throw that Rambo never scored. However it did only take them one play after that to score. I also didn't mind Heard's play either. He gave up some passes but so does Omarr 'statue' Morgan constantly...

I don't know why any of you are dissing our secondary. They're playing admirably considering they give up the least yards per pass on average.

Clovis was pulled because we were getting burnt by every team we played. I remember as soon as Gordon became our safety the difference was noticeable.

I am not saying that he is that much better than Clovis but at the least, he has better chemistry with the guys on the field than Clovis does.

Gordon played all season and we looked great against the pass. Clovis is in and Calgary embarasses us by having 30 first downs.

He may still miss the Bombers game but just on the regular injured list. If they don't want to waste that one removal in the first half he would be the only one. So you might as well take him off and sit him for the one game on the injured reserve.

Do you even know how free safeties play? It's sure as hell not their fault if there's a short first down. The word SAFETY is the key. They usually protect deep balls. You are way, WAY, overrating Gordon.

Hell, if Clovis didn't mess up on the Simon play last year, I don't know if he would have even been pulled.