Rider Rant

If the Sasky media wasn't so lip locked to the rears of this farcical franchise, hard questions and serious answers should be demanded like happens with real franchises. It's a community owned team. It's up to us and the media to get answers from these clowns, as in why we've been a joke for as long as I've been alive. That's the difference between a good and a crap franchise that dumps on its fans with a crap product year after year, which then begs for money (shares, lottery). Another thing.....the board of executives. Scrap this BS. Get one guy to be held responsible and make decisions, who has had some football experience since high school. I'm sick of some knob who owns a car dealership or who ran a crown corp into the ground at the helm. How the hell does working for the government qualify you to run a business, especially a football one . As long as a committe of football illiterate losers runs this team we're hopeless. When there's a board you can run the blame around in circles forever. It has been 30 years of garbage from these jokers and I'm sick of it. Oh yeah one last thing, now that we have a scoreboard learn how to use it. Nobody wants to see some cougar hand out portable phones to people from Weyburn. Use it to fire up the crowd. Feel free to show that small kick robokicker made in 1989. .500 at best is unacceptable for the greatest football fans in the world. Although some people on here seem to want to dance down Albert Street at .500. If this was any other franchise anywhere else the fans would have dumped this stinky piece of trash known as the Riders long ago. Until we demand success we're never going to get it, and the clowns at the helm will continue to give a mediocre at best product. Oh yeah more HIV positive players roaming the community looking for dates. Brutal.

I hope you feel better now that you have vented...............my blood pressure went up..............I agree with everything you say..............lose the GM who can't be bothered to find good Canadian talent.............or to simply cut his loses and can players (who cant' preform like Greene)

.......I hope for the good fans of the riders that something is done to appease your voices......you are correct in your feelings that enough is enough and something needs to change......

I love how I am still hearing people in Sasky bargain for one more year to see what the coachine staff can do. For the love of God...the Romans didn't give Jesus Christ one more chance to see what he had. Its TOTALLY ridiculous to even consider extending any contracts. A 6 year plan to be an above .500 team is pretty much a joke on any level of any sport. However, sucker after sucker after sucker is getting suckered by this organization simply because they don't know any better and Mr. Shivers and the rest of the "football mafia" over there come to work every week and collect their "government-like" paycheck for doing nothing again with a smile on his face saying thank you very much.I don't know about the rest of you, but I dont feel stupid or anything for my everlasting support. I could put a team of wheel chair athletes in Moose Jaw headed up by a Moose wearing a headset and we would finish slightly ahead of the Riders every season, but it would mostly be due to our creative offensive play calling which they don't have.

Don't sugar coat it Tumblersman, tell them how you really feel. LOL Just don't do it at Riderfans.com. Such talk is liable to get you banned for life for not swallowing Motor Mouth Shivers Cool Aid .

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