Rider Rally in Toronto This Saturday

Whether you live in the GTA, or are coming in for the game (...or are a Ti-Cats fan), come out on Sunday at 11:30 am to BMO Filed to show your support for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Let's show the Argos that this is our Home Away From Home Game!!! /=S=/

Wish we could be there.

That is awesome.

Wish I could go.

Have you contacted the Rider organization to get the word out?

Great idea, they will pump this up as many Rider fans check in with the club to learn what's going on if they're not on the forums.

I've reached out but want to be very respectful here given that the team's job on Sunday is to play football -- the goal is to pump up the fans (as noted above) and also let the team know we're behind them. It'd be nice to get Gainer though! :smiley:

Hopefully the gopher can make it, can’t see him being too busy the day before this game. Maybe some media coverage too? People with cameras tend to follow giant gophers around the city.

Oh yeah , let’s get gainer out there , we definately need him.