Rider QB Controversy???

I can't believe it but in a year where every team seems to be struggling mightily when their starter goes down (exception in BC) the Riders might actually have 2 capable quarterbacks now???

Since when was the last time that the Riders had a problem because they have 2 capable quarterbacks? For years they've always seems to have a problem because they don't have 1 capable quarterback.

Only in this wacky league known as the Canadian Football League (CFL) :lol:

I don't think Butler is for real. He's looked great against Hamilton.. but the Cats are obviously a beaten team right now. Rocky's had chances before and done nothing with them, I don't really think he's suddenly going to turn into an all-star like Joseph. There shouldn't be any contraversy.

No way rocky is a star! :lol:

Why are you Calgary guys bashing Rocky??? Yeah he hasn't played very much but it seems like he's looking better then most 2nd stringers on the other teams and even some 1st stringers :cough Maas :cough

P.S. Yes I'm aware it was only the Ti-Cats that he has played against this year.

First off did you watch the two games the Tiger cats played with the Riders! Because if you did not notice the riders are playing probably the worst team I have ever seen in the CFL over my life time. NOw take this into consideration why do you think Rocky looks so good! :lol: :lol:

This guy doesn't get it. Nothing can be properly evaluated against Hamilton.

They shouldn't even be in this league this year.

Wow. I was just trying to demonstrate my absolute utter amazement that the Riders might actually have more than one capable quarterback and you guys are blowing this completely out of context.

Gosh I'm so glad that I came to this forum as their just seem to be so many intelligent posters here. :roll:

P.S. Attention EE - This thread is about a possible QB controvesy in Riderland not how bad the Ti-Cats are. Sheesh!!! Spammer (troll)

There is no controversy in riderville because once butler has to go against that bomber front seven we will all see him for what he is.... a BACKUP QB.
Rider fans you should pray that butler does better then Mike Quinn.

Hang on here the fact is the Tiger cats are that bad they would make Kevin Fetrik a star! You are the one that posted this did you not! Why would there be a controvesy? Butler is a third string QB! He played the worst team in the league (ever) twice and they made him look like a star! Why are you feeling EE is trolling!

I have to agree with my good ol buddie redwhite, long time no see :wink: but anyway, if you look at rocky's stats, they aren't all that great! what did he have like 150 yards passing?? Face it, if the tigercats dind't have 8 turnovers, it would have been a different game. But i mean not to bash the guy or anything he did play decent, he had quite a few nice throws but a few mishaps that just went his way today also! I'm glad we have receivers that go to the ball and help him out because if he didn't have decent receivers like us and a few pretty good running backs, he could have been in trouble, but our team is starting to come together i think, i mean yea hamilton is a pushover, but still, i believe its time to turnover our season and this is where its gotta start. Theres no reason why we can't win our next 2 games vs winnipeg!

Can your offence put up enough points against the Wpg defense of Tom Canada, Barrin Simpson, Kelly Malveaux,Kyries Hebert,Ike Charlton, Gavin Walls, Doug Brown and dont forget about our offence with the returning Stegall who has had big games against the riders in the past....

Who are those guys? :lol: Did they not lose to Toronto the other night and before that who did these guys lose too! Means nothing!

Can Winnipeg score points against a defence of orange cones?

Can your offence produce anything against our defence?? who knows dude, we'll jus thave to wait and see!

True man may the best team win :thup:

Haha agreed, either way both labour day and the banjo bowl will be big and good like alawys!

Wow where have you been! Did they finally get you up at McMahon Stadium and send you home that is a few weeks already! :lol: Now that is partying! :lol:

Lol like i said, i've been at camp all summer working and fishing trips with the family, i'm back on forums fulltime again though! :lol:

Great it is good to see you back!

Haha good to see you again, can't say i havn't missed your posts :thup: btw, if you want some laughter, go to the rider forum on this site and look at what their saying about crandell being traded to allow rocky butler to move into 2nd string. Crandell is much better than rocky! Crandell even has a better touch on long balls than Kerry Joseph does in my opinion, some fans are just ridiculous!