Rider Pride Nationwide (an examination of 2007 attendance)

For a team that until recent years, had a history of never turning anybody away at the gate. As some rider priders can remember the days of squeezing over 30,000 people into our little 27,000 seat stadium on labour day. This year saw the complete opposite of the teams earlier mantra, as 8 of the 11 home games were completely sold out and rider faithful were repeatedly turned away at the gates. Next year we'll have to lobby to get more away games in July, when it's harder to draw the farmers away from their fields ( all 3 non-sellout crowds were in July ).

Going over the attendance this year the Riders sold 310,083 tickets to their 11 home games for an average of 28,189 fans per game in a stadium with 28,800 capacity. This means that only 6717 tickets went unsold all season and represents a 97.9% season sellout.

Can you feel the swelling of pride coming off the sea of green? In the end, that ranks us 5th in average attendance, and with the home playoff game edging us past Calgary, 4th in total attendance. Not too shabby considering the ridiculous contrast in the size of the market's we're in.

But, now, let's move on to my next subject. Away attendance. Each team has to play in everyone else's park, and, the rivalries should even out so we should see that the away attendance should be somewhat even across the league.

Not the case. Well, mostly the case, with one anomaly. Average away crowds were close, with 7 teams having average crowds between 27509 (Hamilton) to 29229 (Calgary). But, when the Riders come to town, the average crowd swells to 33985!! Over 4500 more tickets are sold on average to a Saskatchewan away game than any other team!

Rider Pride, Nationwide.

Not including the Grey Cup, there have been 683,915 CFL game tickets sold this year that featured the roughriders as a participant. Edmonton sits second with 648,812 and BC 647,898. The Saskatchewan Roughriders are the hottest ticket in town and this year's top draw. Love 'em or hate 'em, you just have to be there to see it.

It's no surprise that the players and coaches and management have spent the year repeating their thanks towards the fans. They're loud, they're proud, they've sold 2 playoff games out of beer so far this year (note to T.O. -- Get more beer, preferably Pilsner). That little sea of green that invades even the most hostile environment to show their support.

Best fans in the CFL? Good fans aren't arrogant, are they?

On a side note. Edmonton had the league's best average attendance at home by far at 36,324 to 2nd place BC at 33,830. They crushed the rest of the league in regular season attendance, but had zero attendance in the postseason, for the second year in a row.

You know, this will re-hash a previous ugly argument (and thread) that resulted in lots of name calling.......

I agree Sporty, is pointless to argue who has the "best" fans. Support your team, but dont go around saying a particular team's fans are the best.

I am the best fan.



I resent the 'some eastern division team' option. The fact that you disregard us with such vigour shows ignorance on your behalf.

Now I'm not trying to pick a fight. Just trying to get my message across.

Yes, Toronto is not exactly a CFL hotbed. But look at all the other options there are in the city. Leafs, Raptors, Jays, musicals, big name concerts all the time, some sort of festival every other weekend. With all that going on, be happy there's still fans in the city.

As for Hamilton, attendance has been just fine. A little lower then last year, I admit. But the ticats, whether good or bad, have been the talk of the town for the past 5 years. Previous to that, it was poor marketing, particularly toward younger fans. Just go on the ticat forums and you'll see all the talk. And most players will admit that Ivor Wynne is the hardest place to play b/c of all the crowd noise, especially when the ticats are winning (no jokes please!)

The Alouettes are doing just fine as well. Again, a city with a lot options as well, be happy they're doing how they're doing.

BTW, are we judging fans based on attendance? If we are, that's not completely fair. Some cities are not as wealthy as others (i.e. my city, Hamilton, where many families are below the poverty line) and some people can not afford to go to games. They are fans from home. Trust me, the fans are here.

Is CFL fanaticism as big here as it is out west? Heck no. I'm not implying that. But don't discredit us by stating 'some eastern division team' in your poll.

As for me, I'll be a ticat fan representing my team at the Grey Cup (albeit watching two other teams). Hope to make it to alot of the hospitality rooms and meet with a lot of the other fans from around the CFL.


And i have the most fans.

The London Pikemen have never not sold out a game....

Ha...even I found that somewhat amusing.

Seriously...this thread is a waste of bandwidth.

There’s lots of room left on the internets…

Why do the narbs always create these ridiculous topics...

I nominate all of us who frequent this forum.

Youre all diehards and great fans!


Not a great first thread. Not only is it a stupid topic, but you put the Bombers in "some eastern division team". We all know the Bombers belong in the West and have the fans to back it up. Btw, too much time on your hands.

While its all fine and dandy to come up with simple numbers, thats all they are. People like to claim that they are the best fans and they have the most fans in other cities blah blah blah. Im going out on a limb here and Im guessing there are less people moving from BC to Sask that from Sask to BC. Might have a bit to do with it no? I dont know who has the best fans because there isnt an easy way to judge that. What I do know is that I firmly believe that no one is more of a fan of their team than I am of mine. You may be the same amount of a fan but not more! :smiley:

Im curious to see the viewer numbers for the grey cup this year, that will tell another part of the story.

Sorry Rider Nation
Atleast your Teams Wins
Hamilton Fans have had Years of Losing.
They Still Come out to watch The Team
We are best Fans in the CFL
Your a Very Close 2nd.

Why have you been so bitter lately...

Oh and is there always yellow and black at every stadium? Didnt think so.

Any team that has finished 4-14 and 3-15 the last couple of years has to have the best fans to be able to still put 27-28,000 in the stands. The black and gold team fans get my vote.
The green riders are the self proclaimed best fans, but IMO there is a lot of banjo-I mean band wagon jumpers there this year.

Did anyone actually read the topic rather than just the poll? (which, was mostly in jest)

I wasn't intending at all to start a debate about quality of fans. I was just amazed when I actually ran the numbers. This is a gate-driven league, without monsterous broadcasting contracts. So attendance is a reflection of the health of the league and it's clubs.

Saskatchewan has nurtured rivalries in recent years with Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and BC. This is reflected in attendance. The rivalries in the eastern division aren't as heated. This is reflected in the attendance (See poll -- Yes, it WAS a poke at you and a challenge to the eastern division to pick up the slack)

This was one year. And, except for the anomaly of Edmonton, attendance was also directly related to on-field performance. But this year, was Saskatchewan's year.

Congrats to Saskatchewan fans and all the Rider Nation for leading the league this year.

Congrats to Hamilton fans for not coming in last in attendance even though your on-field product is the worst in the league.

Congrats to Allouettes fans for a 112% season sellout.

Congrats to Argo fans for leading the way in attendance in the east.

Congrats to Bomber fans for supporting Milt and his touchdown record run.

Congrats to Eskimo fans for leading the league in attendance with a team that didn't even make the playoffs.

Congrats to Stampeders fans for a good year at the gate and building good rivalries and away crowds.

Congrats to Lions fans for putting more people in your park than anyone else.

Peace all.

I am from Manitoba and I too agree that the Riders have the best fans per capita than anywhere in the CFL.
And I too have attended many games in Regina and even when the Riders are losing 50 to nothing with a record of 0-10, the fans still fill the stadium, and cheer like wild freaks each time their team makes a single yard,lol
Hamilton may have great fans too, but Regina has a much smaller fan base to draw from.

I was wondering where Winnipeg was in that poll, but had forgotten we're in the East again :frowning:

No problem, zed.
I think you presented some nice numbers, which as you say tells us how well the league is doing.
I think you got some negative feedback because there have been threads in the past about this type of thing that have turned nasty--and there is always that danger.
But generally, nothing wrong with your post.
I think Rider fans are proud of the support they give the team across the nation, not just in Saskatchewan and justifiably so.

Go Riders!