Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

How many picked our Riders to finish last in the WEst?? Riders and their fans got the last laugh!!!
What an effort totally by everyone. Well deserved players and coaching staff. A home western final. Wow!!!! Been awhile!! :rockin: :rockin: :smiley: :smiley:
Now the work begins. Rider fans deserve this as they are the best in Canada. CFL rocks.
Riders Rule (for now)
I am so happy I could _______________________?
cheers to all!

Well.. I know that Brian Hall of the ESKIMOS picked us 4th place!

actually 3 years in a row he has ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

yor right in saying work has just started
Im soooo happy for Durant
but i wish we could stop the run better
Our Achilles heal
But as of tonight

It doesn't matter. Calgary will go into Mosaic and win. It'll be a rematch from last year in the grey cup, with the als repaying the favour.

But 33 years is a long time. I guess these so-call "gr8testst fanz on erth !!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111" upset the football gods. Only 3 Grey cups and 33 years for a western conference final game?

Enjoy it rider priders 'cause you'll have to wait another 30 years :cowboy: :smiley:

Congrats Turkey and Ridernation on a job well done!, season isnt over, but the Riders are Grey Cup bound in an amazing decade in Rider history!

no better time to be a Rider fan than right now! :smiley:

Congratulations Mr. Turkey as head cheerleader for the best fans in the league you guys are awesome. Enjoy your two
weeks off, you guys deserve it.

With any luck from the football gods, we'll smoke Edmonton next week, and get a chance at redemption the following week.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Little upset that your season may be over geroy.

Bombers will gladly help make that a reality.

Cheers Riders, the team with whom we have the BEST RIVALRY IN THE CFL WITH!

Riders Rule.....

HAHA the internet tough guy is hurt. It looks good on you geroy.

Enjoy it while it lasts, it may be a very long time til it happens again.

lets see
3 years in a row with home playoff games and this year west final home game
thanks for your concern
i see a trend starting

You won the Grey Cup in 1989 and again in 2007. So you won't win the Grey Cup again til 2025? That trend?

I admit our team sucked with Al Ford as gm
but with a decent quarterback and talented canadians
u have to admit we are no longer a 3-15 team
i wonder why is every non roughie fan so upset at our recent success
yes we won few grey cups but the future looks bright

Congrats Riders… job well done! :thup:

Because some of you won't STFU about it and act like yo'ure the Yankees of the CFL?
Yes the last few years have been successful and its good to see success spread beyond a few teams but srsly, some Riders fans will not give it a rest.

funny, how it's the Lions fans that are getting their shorts all tied up in a knot over us celebrating our first Western Final in 33 yeras!

Instead of throwing a hissy fit and being absolutely immature about things, just let us have our fun in the sun!

it's not our fault that you blew your opportunity to have a shot in the West! We capitalized..

just remember, when the season started, almost every predictor .. said that Saskatchewan would finish 4th because we don't have a QB and of all our losses we sustained on Defense!

well, now we are First in the West... 1 win away from the Big Game and we have the right to cheer!

and don't worry guys, i'm sure we as Rider fans are aware that we still have to play the Game in Two weeks!

no need to get all pissy at us because we feel like cheering for our team!

You are the last person who should comment on anybody else having a hissy fit or saying/acting in an inappropriate manner.

As far as the team goes, congratulations to the Riders. Yes, the Lions shit the bed and blew it. I am not in denial about how the season unfolded.
However, be careful, that one win the Riders need to get to the Grey Cup is oft the hardest win of the season to get!

i'm not the topic at hand, so please stick to the subject.

RIder fans deserve this moment! so let them have it.

ya it's quite possibly that we might not get this again next season or possibly the next few.. who knows.

but all that is important at this point is TODAY! who cares about the future?

and the fans may not be as focused but i'm damn sure the Players and coaches are focused and know that they have to come out ready in Two weeks!

Thank you. Yeah obviously I'm bitter my team didn't play well down the stretch. But that's beyond the point. Every single thread we need to here how great the rider fans are etc etc....What's the difference between that and the sentiment felt towards Toronto in the west?

We have turkey going saying our season is over, a thread about delusional lion fans, dirtbag wally comments, annoying threads about Casey printers holding out, etc.

Yet when any lion fans says anything about god's team they're accused of being poor-sports, bad fans, dirty team, etc.

Seems like a double standard.

Anyways Congratulation rider fans. Enjoy it and I'll leave it at that..