Saskatchewan Roughriders are Canada's Team!!!!!!!!!!!

Best draw at away games, most fans throughout Canada. Admit it, deep down you all are Rider Fans!!!

That would be like saying deep down the Toronto Maple Leafs are Canada's team just because of the same factors you mentioned for the Riders.

And no way in HEL* are the Leafs Canada's team so the Riders also sure as HEL* aren't Canada's team either. :x

Heard it on TSN during a game too. Walby said it also. They can't be wrong can they?

good one turkey I bet walby is your buddy!

lol Rider fan my ass....Bombers for life!

lol made me laugh though..I Wonder if they will still be Canada's team once they lose to Calgary on Sunday.


to slitheringx- deep down there is green and white in you- admit it. Subconsciously you know that you are a Rider Prider- COME OUT OF THE CLOSET NOW!!!!

Careful how you word that Turkey! You might have given the “Rider Bashers” some ammunition there! :wink:

Think about what your trying to do. Im a Bomber fan, and your trying to convince me that im a Rider fan.

lol I dont think there is a peaceful way this can end.

I bleed Blue & Gold, but I'm cheering our prairie brethren on, if we dont make it to the GC and the RRs do, im cheering for them, if we both make it, sorry Sask, your on my hit list.

Same here, except switching the two teams around. I have lots of Bomber fans as friends. That would be pretty sweet if both the green and white and the blue and gold made it to the GC. We've got a healthy little rivalry.

Deep down inside Troy Westwood is related to Gainer the Gopher. So you see Bomber fans we are one and the same. Go Bombers Go all the way to the Grey cup against the Riders!!!
A true Prairie final in American Toronto. Won't they have to eat crow and perogies!!!!