Rider Pride Nation Wide


Congrats to the Lions. Dave Dickenson was like a surgeon- a great performance. Damn, Jason Cleremont , being a Regina boy, you should be playing for the Green and White!! Man, a home crowd can make a difference.
Congrats also to my Riders for not quitting!! You were all classy til the end. Congrats to Danny Barrett- a gentleman who is a players coach. Good luck to you Danny - hopefully you stay with us.
Finally, congrats to the Rider faithful who travelled all the way to BC - we are the best fans - loyal til the end!!!
Finally, to BC fans like Sportsman, good luck to your Lions in the Grey Cup and of course we in the west will be pulling for you too! Best wishes to the Als and here is hoping for an outstanding game and Whoa them Nelly!!! And, to Gainer, as always there is next year when the faithful will once again be behind our Riders.
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Totally agree! Riders had a great year and Rider fans are truly some of (if not the most) loyal fans I've seen!

Wow, a better post from Turkey than I expected. Despite your reasonable post-game comments, I think it’s time for you to eat crow.

I'm just waiting for the humour posts ffrom TB for the GC.

i think montreal is going to be a bit bit scared of bc after the great game they played against us. i hope you guys take the cup

I thought a lions fan ate you Turkey!

That high scoring game was exactly what BC needed to think the Grey Cup game will be a walk in the park.

Highly unlikely , that's been said of them prior to a number of games this year and each time they've come out to play. You think they forgot about '04?

TURKEYBEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you made it back , that's good but... how's the crow taste? And you forgot the "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" this time.
Thanks for the good post. Hope our guys can now do all westerners proud next week.
Go Lions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[url=http://www2.sportsnet.ca/video/videoPlayer.php?url=rtmp://]http://www2.sportsnet.ca/video/videoPla ... _11_13.flv[/url]

Thanks, Turkey.

Saw your song for Dave. I'll pass on that one.

As if people are still doubting Dickenson and our O line. Guess it will just take a win on Sunday to shut these people up once and for all.

Nah man. There will still be doubters, there always is unfortunately. Some people still think Michael Jordan wasnt a good basketball player. Next to maybe Bill Russell, there isnt an NBA player who has done as much as MJ.