RIDER PRIDE NATION WIDE!!!!! (caution:it's long)

Alright im not gonna complain about non calls and too many men and all that crap. There were ALOT of mental mistakes from our team yesterday that cost us the Championship. We could have scored more points and it wouldn't have come down to a last second play. I for one am not looking for explanations nor am i completely upset with this loss. In fact i almost like the way we lost. All our players have to sit with this in their minds for the next 6-7 months and keep replaying it over and over and if their like me, they already wanna get back on that field and redeem themselves. They are gonna be so fired up next year that i think they CAN be the Alouettes of 2010. I can see a 15-3 season for us depending on who we can keep this offseason. I think 2010 will a memorable season for us rider fans. Now look at it this way (may not make you feel better but i can smile at it) We went up against a team that was suppose to be dominant, a team that was suppose toblow us out, be in charge, win it with ease, and they won on a LAST SECOND FIELD GOAL. Their only lead of the game. Nothing to take away from the Al's, in fact congrats to them for doing what they did this year, but if I was an Alouette player, i would feel a litte empty about it, In my mind of course i wouldextremely happy that we won the Grey Cup, but in the back of my head would be the haunting fact that WE were considered the superior team, and we won on a last second field goal. So i am extremely proud of our team even though they came up short but i mean all in all no one expected us to win, or even be there for that matter and we were. Plus side is we didn't have to see Burris and the whiney bunch holdthe cup.

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree With you 100% I can't wait for next year..........to me the Als win would be like scratching on the eight ball! Again I hope the boys don't feel ashamed you made us proud! CAN"T WAIT FOR 2010!! Now ET has a busy busy off season!