'Rider Pride, finally rewarded

As a long time watcher and fan of the Canadian Football League I have to say that it fills me with enormous pride that the 'Riders of the last number of years have been potential champions despite all the adversity they have faced and overcome. They have not had a blue chip QB since Nealon Green but they are in there every year challenging for the first time since the Austin QB years and before that the 'Little General". Good on yer for feilding a competitive team without a QB. (I think Michael Bishop is a fantastic QB and totally underutilized by your coach but hey, u made it 2 the play-offs! God damn Mariacci!)

Shouldn't this be in the Roughriders forum?

Does this really need to even be said?

It's an 8 team league. Every team goes through their ups and down.

Rider pride? It was only a few years ago that they were getting less than 20,000 people per game. Just because they have started to win over the past few years, everyone is now on the Rider bandwagon.

Please, you don't need to rub it in our faces. Yes the Riders are doing well, so what. It will be interesting to see all of this so called "Rider Pride" when they start winning 3 games a year again.

Did you just get out of a coma?

Oh you guys are over reacting....Sportscallion is in the frozen North...cut him some slack! :lol: :lol: He's just thawing out! :lol:

Sure it can be in this forum, this is a general forum. (Just look at the Ticat forum, they have everything there, Im expecting Gordon Ramsey to post recipes there next... :roll: )

And if you look at Sportscallion's signature, he's a Eskie fan.

I'm not bothered by where he posts...or even what he posts for that matter.

But his post looks like he took the first sentence from about 7 different threads and threw them all together.

Nealon was a blue chip qb? Bahahahahahahahahaha!

Moar accurate. :smiley:

give him a little Reggie Slack guys!

Everyteam except the Eskimos (up until 2004) had their fair share of issues!

but the Esks kept on rolling.. finally after 34 years they messed up and missed the playoffs for 2 years in a row! :smiley:

personally i wish them many more years of hardship.. perhaps 11 years in a row to miss? maybe no home playoff games for 23 years?

its annoying how many poeple are on the riders abn wagon. its annoying that people born and raised in other canadian cities with franchizes still are riders fan for the simple facts that there parents liked them or because the pilsner bandwagon drove past there tv set. when the stamps were 4-14 they still got upwards of 25-30, 000. i know the rider market is smaller, but i am tired of how there fans are "the best fans in the cfl." how about, there fans jump the highest and fastest... on and off the bandwagon.

How much over the cap were the Riders when they won the cup ?

ok hothead

Wow!! Pretty much defining why Rider fans are the best. Thanks!!

How much? Let me see. Less than any other team to win the Grey Cup in the last 20 years?

That wasn't the question,arius. I asked ,how much over the cap were the Riders ? I didn't ask for excuses.

How is that an excuse? And for that matter, an excuse for what? The answer is--55,000. The context is, who cares?

its amazing that when the riders are loosing, their fans seem to dissapear as well. guess we will see what happens in the future. it wasnt that long ago the riders couldnt even get 11,000 out for there games. as much as it kills me to say, as i am die hard stamps fan, i think eskimos fans are the best in the leauge. the werst 3 seasons in a long time for them, and they still got a seirous amount of fans out. and they didnt fire the coach.

If this is just going to turn into another bitch fest about which team has the best fans, I'm going to lock it down. I'm positive there are more interesting issues that we could discuss.

sorry bout that, i just get a little annoyed sometimes is all. truth is, the great thing about about the cfl, and i feel its the only leagues in the werld, where you can be a fan of the entire league.

I personally enjoyed attending the Stamps Grey Cup homecoming party while wearing my Rider jacket. The western final was interesting as well, when the Rider fans outnumbered the BC fans.