Rider preseason roster

Simon and Dressler do not appear to be making an appearence in tomorrows game on the offensive side. Rey Williams and Ricky Foley not making seeing any action on defense. Cannot wait for the regular season.

While the vets that are a given to make the club don't need the reps/looks as much, I am a little surprised that Simon is not dressed...simply to get a little rhythm in the O. Guess it is better to see the question marks in this game though.

Also interesting that Watman is getting a start at C. Yes, good to see it in preseason, but Picard is not even dressing as insurance.

Foley just got back from a muscle tweek. Is call, let him stay home and allow rookies all the reps.

Dressler..............same thing but he's a stud, everyone knows it.

Geroy................let him rest.

If have not seen, depth charts available on the Riderville site and I have printed.

Looking at D depth chary is unreal. SAM backer is Weldon Brown? Butler is starting Will backer. TBrack is safety. Rowe is starting DE but I expect to see a lot of the other guys get to play a lot.

As for DB's I am looking to watch Langford #27, #11 Thomas, #25 Robinson, #3 Macho Harris.

Diamonf Ferru lining up as a corner????????????? I have not even looked at offense because my head is spinning trying to figure out the D.

Big game. On TV

interesting shakeups that that they have been working on since spring camps
goal...you never know who will play where...make a game plan for that opposition. I love it.
plus, training camp / pre-season is the time to test the grounds to see if a guy can play out of position. Being able to roll a LB into coverage and blitz a safety or CB...huge windows open for some interesting play calls.

First off…sloppy, as to be expected, but both sides looked respectable on the O, with lots of drops. Thank-you to both clubs…as the only game that was on TSN this week, it was at least entertaining. For the Esks, I rather liked Crompton. He looked poised and in control. Tough break on Reilly, but considering he was in the locker room at half, perhaps it is not that bad.

Despite late drive struggles/finishing, the Rider QBs looked decent over all. I was impressed with DD on the sidelines. Between drives when other QBs were in you could see that he was talking talking to them. I am not even convinced he was entirely talking ball, it looked like he was just keeping them relaxed and clearing some of their nerves, and each looked better when they came back in…I mean, look at Sunseri on that final drive…I had pretty much counted him as a cut, then BOOM…great drive, and really…3rd and goal and money…I think Brown has a battle there.

I was trying to remember some names on the 4 breakdowns in the secondary in the 2nd half. It was the same spot each time. I mean, guys were going totally unchecked. Yeah, preseason, but that, to me, equates to someone on that side getting cut. I know it was Wouldo at safety, but I have no idea if he was supposed to be rolling right.

Milo…well, looks like he may have lost the battle

A HUGE applaud to Brendan Taman…I know it is one mere preseason game, but Watman stepped in at C and never missed a beat!

Thomas Spoletini looked bad at LB. Hope he is a good ST guy.

Turenne looked good, providing some blanket coverage, including one on speedster Sweeney

Woldu caused that game winning TO…kudos

Miller was fun to watch underneath, but couldn’t cover a deep route.

Coleman looked impressive at DE

I had kinda labelled Carr as potential Cap casualty…he looked lack-luster for 1/2 the came, but something got him going in the 3rd and I thought he looked good. We’ll see I guess.

Sisco…c’mon dude…you gotta catch that!

I can’t recall who it was, and it will bug , me, but I think it was Anthony…caught a ball with ribs totally exposed on the sideline…It either shows a lack of fear or extreme awareness…either way, I liked it.

I liked Livas on PR, despite that horrific judgement on the one play. May have cost him a spot unfortunately.

I felt for Dorsey, you could see the frustration because he wanted to make something happen, but never got an appropriate play to show his skills. I liked his composure and his aggression in plays, but I am not sure he is the guy…couldn’t break the line. I look forward to seeing him in the second game though.

I rather liked Spencer Moore. Good blocker, and he has both FB and TE experience. He and McHenry could compliment each other well. For me, popular player and 10 year vet Neil Hughes would likely be a cut. Both McHenry have size, youth and experience at multiple positions on their side.

well…that is a few things off of the top of my head.

Oh, and for what I believe was by far the least penalized team, they took a few...but that is to be expected I suppose

To me the guys who are leaning on the potential cut list:

QB - Brown
RB - DeDe
RB - Lalonde
FB - Hughes
WR - Thompson
WR - Harper
WR - Livas
WR - Riley
WR - Sisco (though his NI status likely saves him)
SB - Johnson (would like to see him around, but is there really room? Getz, Dressler, Simon, Sanders if needed...
OL - Hill
OL - Armitage
DB - Miller
DB - Robinson
DB - Vaughn
DB - Langford
LB - Pisio
LB - Spoletini
LB - Heygood
LB - Matechuk
LB - Peters (good enough, but they will cut him before some of the NIs)
DE - Davis
DE - Taylor
DE - Rowe
DT - Sumlin
P - Milo or Schmitt depending if they want an Import there

Well here are my thoughts, QB's the last one played good, not sure about willy or Brown, DD played good made 1 nice long ball,

Receivers- T smith made some great catches, my concern here is once caught, he lacks the speed, cuts to go anywhere if someone is near him, JMO never gains much yardage after he catches it. Getz looked good, caught them all.

O line, looks much better ... we can only hope!!

D line, will be interesting when the season starts, I think the op QB's are gonna see a lot of T George, Chick and Foley even if he did not play tonight, The D in general look damn good.

S teams, already miss T Jackson back there, there where a few who did move the ball just short of breaking out for those better gains. Time will tell.

One thing I did notice was how many times Sheets was sent up the middle will little yards, IMO he is not a power back, he needs to see some daylight to do his thing. also did not see the sheets Saunders duo used either, not sure why.

All in all not a bad start, need to drop the bad penaltys though, That will kill if that many is called in reg season games... next Calgary!! Can't wait!

Not a chance, he is one injury away on the starting line from being a starter. The boy can make clutch grabs when needed. Being a home town boy doesn't hurt either.

Really...haven't seen it. I mean, just yesterday he dropped one in the numbers on the goal line when they were down. I would say that is not only a clutch catch, but a standard catch, when needed.

I have been nothing but high and supportive of Sisco, but he needs to come out big.

Put it this way, if push comes to shove, for me, McHenry, Bagg, Hargreaves, Getzlaf are all ahead of him. like I said...he will likely be around because he is Canadian though. I do still believe he has a huge amount of upside potential...it is simply time to show it.

Riders D as a whole unit will be/and are improved, thus will cause havoc I say...Good job by T. George. Once the starting O-Line unit is on the field there will be different schemes/play selection on running plays. Sheets will be O.K.
The penalties will get sorted out for the most part; looking forward to playing Calgary - should be good: Go Riders..ect.

Sisco has the potential for sure so he will most likely be given the benefit of the doubt and make the team if indeed he does not play well in the second pre season game. Really behind Bagg and Getz really only Hrgraves is the only other Canadian SB/WR. The Taller FB/TE is now where the CFL is headed for formations so that is where McHenry will most likely stay this season. He started off last season making the move to that type of position but had to be placed out at WR due to injuries of both Bagg and Sisco.
Sisco as everyone know has the potential but making the team and sticking with the team for the season are two different things. If he can not step it up as a number one draft pick should by his third full CFL season the Riders may cut their loses and then not sure what they will do. They have pretty much hung their hats on having Bagg staying healthy and Sisco both staying healthy and at least begin to break out this season.

Are the Riders really considering moving Butler up to LB and Brak back to Safety or is this just an expereiment/smokescreen type of thing?
Intersting that someone said that Butler actually played Will LB.
Interesting because I think Hamilton also had Knowlton at Will and Coclough at SAM.
Are teams looking to go with just one LB at the MLB spot and use SAM/DB guys at both LB positions to handle all of the 5 receiver seats as well as alot of starting RBs catching for a lot of Yards last season as well.
Or is this just teams working on their CFL version of their dime packages

I believe it is more of a player development thing for both guys.
It give the club options in disguising and rotating people around, and rotating that up a bit keeps the LB fresh for rolling back.
Guess we will know for sure in a few weeks. Perhaps their long term goal is to work a NI LB in there, and eventually drop in a NI safety again, upping another ratio spot.

Sisco has been around a very long time now and shown nothing. He should have been cut long ago.

Brack can cover better than Butler. Debatable who gets more coverage assignments, OLB or FS, especially considering how LBs pick up RBs on pass routes.

If it were up to me I’d leave Butler at safety and just let him rove and hit. He will be more effective there. TBrack will succeed anywhere you put him in the backfield. Butler not so much.

Ahead of Graeme Bell?

acually for Sisco this is the season that will make or break him following a usual pattern of Canadian draft picks. 1st round pick in 2010 but spent most of the time in the NFL and did not join the Riders until sept/oct being he went to last cuts in the NFL. So this being his 3rd full training camp with the Riders it is time for him to breakout and show something or he will be releasedpossibily in TC or during the season or if they do not have any options this year mayhave to wait until the end of the season and look to the draft or free agency for another Canadian Rec.
So he will most likely get his final chance to show something this season and they may be stuck with this season unless Hatgraves shows something.

Make or break season for Sisco? Tell that to Ismail Bamba.

Bamba was not a first round draft pick. Teams will tend to give a 1st or second pick 3 seasons to become where they think they should be at. In Sisco's case right they would expect him to be at least a strong 3rd Canadian REC. If he were not injured last season and he did not step it up that could have meant a release but seeing as they really have not made a move to acquire someone to take that spot, as Banba could not remember his ID, this is his pivotal year.