Rider Poll

Let's see where you stand:

Why do say our team is all gangstaz just becuase there black??? so most of them our black woopdeedoo. most of them are really nice people.

Gangsta would be threatening to get your guns from the car when your Kung Pao is late at Earl's.

The Riders need an overhaul right from the Board of Directors right on down. Mediocrity should NOT be acceptable, we deserve way better than what we are currently receiving, IMO. It seems no one in this organization is accountable, and all these guys need to be accountable to the fans.

The age old question...why can't we seem to build a winner? It starts at the top with our bosses, right down to the players. Many players have stated, publicly, that they would NEVER play in Saskatchewan! Wonder why that is? Is it because Regina doesn't have the emmenities of other cities? Is Regina too "hayseed"? Other reasons? Somehow, we have to find a way to get the "quality" players to come here because it is a good place! The Riders are the big show in town; they do not have the competition like the other seven cities with pro sports teams! We need to do our homework and get this monkey off our back!!

All jokes aside, do you think it is healthy for a team to have the GM at the sideline talking to the players? That has to be unsettling for the coach and the players. The GM should do his work in the office and let the coach do his job on the field. Believe me, I don't want to thumb my nose but look what new good coaching has done for us. Though we take great joy in sending the jabs your way, we are very consious that your team structure is the same as ours and that a bad year attendance wise can be devastating. Here's wishing your senior managers take a close look at the football operation and take steps to fix the broken wheel.