Rider playing Selling his 2007 Greycup Ring

This sad to see http://cgi.ebay.com/Grey-Cup-Ring-2007_ ... dZViewItem

it may be Tristan Clovis' ring. How sad to see a Play have to sell something he worked so hard to get

It happens more than people know and not always because someone was in dire straights.

[url=http://www.classicauctions.net/Default.aspx?tabid=263&auctionid=54&lotid=899]http://www.classicauctions.net/Default. ... &lotid=899[/url]

The ticats Should buy him his ring Back ..

A shame for sure.

Why ? …so he can sell it again for another 10 grand tomorrow ? Besides, what has this got to do with the Tiger-Cats anyways ? (last I checked, it’s a Roughrider ring)

8) Check further deerhunter, on the CFL auction page. Ang Mosca has his 72 Grey Cup ring for sale, along with
  his Wall of Honour Ring !!!

Well, no matter what ring we're talking about here, I'm sure the Ticats aren't in the business of "buying back" rings for people so they can possibly sell them again in the future. A ring is a valuable asset and some players choose to cash in. That's their own prerogative, but the Ticats can't be expected to keep getting involved. If they did, there would be a line-up at the door.

Mosca is Special Case and you know it ..
He still dose work for them

What are you talking about?
The Cats should buy what ring, and why is Mosca special?

I hate how people say "it's a shame" when a player has to hawk his stuff.

Like really... they're grown adults. If they are selling their stuff because they went broke... in reality... IT'S PROBABLY THEIR OWN FAULT. So you think that someone should buy his ring back for $10,000 and just let him keep it? Heck... then everyone will "sell" their rings!

This is a dude who had a good life, made good money, could have had a great job (if you play pro sports it's EASY to find work afterwards don't kid yourself) but somewhere down the line... something happend. Hey...


What about the people who never had anything? Grew up poor? Grew up deprived? No tears for them? Only the pro athletes that weren't smart with their funds and then hit the gutter?

I feel sympathy for anyone that hits the skids.... but I feel more for the people who NEVER had a chance.

Whether it's due to financial problems or a sudden distaste for anything Ticats Ang has been selling off an awful lot of his Ticat stuff. His HOF induction plaque, his Walk of fame induction plaque, his Vince Lombardi Memorial Trophy Plaque a load of personal photos. I recall the Ticats TV showing him around his house in Niagara on the Lake and it was a far cry from a tarpaper shack so I can't see him hurtin for money.

and the reason for mosca selling his stuff is....

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/article/519310--mosca-helping-family-by-selling-memorabilia]http://www.thespec.com/sports/article/5 ... emorabilia[/url]

Good Reason to sell the stuff.

HAHAHAHA thats a good one ..
besides according to the pied piper ( oops sorry the caretaker ) the team is losing millions at the IWS location ..how can they afford to buy a ring for 10 grand ?