Rider offense calling the wrong plays during the game

did anyone notice during that game vs the Bombers that when the Bombers were bringing the heat that they didn't have the calls to really take it on? like quick hits and fast developing plays?

it seemed like Durant was doing his 3 step drop and the plays were slow developing. which of course was making it easier for the Bombers defense to come after him and cause him to make bad decisions and awful throws.

Why didn't they have quick passes when the Bombers were coming heavy?

they need to take a page from the Stampeders playbook and watch the game footage vs the Eskimos..

Having a running game would help.

Durant didnt have a bad game... 23 of 35 for 301 yards. 6 rushes for 43 yards and a touchdown. He had big gainers that put the Riders inside the five yard line. Probably could have been touchdowns. The biggest problem was they only rushed Wes Cates 7 times for 15 yards (2 of those rushes were for short two yard touchdowns).

Winnipeg isnt as bad as there record shows. They have lost quite a few games by seven points or less including a game to Calgary where they lost by just three. There defense is pretty strong. In the CFL you need an offense that can put up points or your record will be, well 2 and 7.

I dont think our running is too bad... This game wasnt so great, but we were able to pound it into the endzone when we had the chances... And Durant made some key runs as usual.

An established running game would take some of the heat off of Durant. I think we need two effective running backs - use Stu Foord more - to keep the opposing D off balance.

I'd be happy if there were more touches even for the one running back. 7 touches is not establishing a running game. Not at all against using another back as well to change things up but either way, 7 touches is the antithesis of establishing a running game. People who are crapping on Cates are off base. First, 7 touches is not enough to develop a rhythm. Second, I think all of the touches that were not the two TDs were up the middle - no variety. Second, if the O-Line had created holes in any of those 5 touches like they did for the TDs, Cates would have had many more yards even with only 5 touches. Or put another way, if Cates hadn't run out of field with those two TDs, he'd have another 20+ yards (suppose at least 10 each) just on those two carries and his average over the very small sample size wouldn't seem so bad.

By running so little they let Winnipeg pin their ears back and just rush the QB every play. I'm no offensive coordinator, but I do agree that for the first 3 quarters the Riders didn't really counter what the Bombers were doing. Even a little dump or screen pass is going to make the Bombers adjust. In most of the games this year the Riders have made adjustments and finished strongly, it took a lot longer this game to accomplish that.

Anybody who has played or coached football knows that there is always something that you should have done better, or could have done a little bit more of. At the end of the day we won the game and sit at 6 and 3 with first place still a very real possiblilty.

yea I agree..

but the Bombers came out blitzing and put pressure on, and the Riders were doing 3 step drops and they were not doing what the Stamps did vs the Esks which were quick passes and hot routes.

I remember on a few occasions where they did indeed run hot routes, or out routes and the passes were knocked down at the line. You can be assured that protection will be top priority this week at practise. We will have to see what happens come Sunday.

Yeah it always seems like the plays could be better in hindsight. I play Madden, I know what I would have done differently, but that doesn't guartee results.

The win is what's important. Also important, is learning from the mistakes. When we go to Winnipeg, I want to win. So do the coaches, so do the players.