Rider Offence: Effective or Not?

How effective will the offence be this year?

I do believe Durant has the potential to be a great leader on the team.

His QB skills will continue to improve once given the spot.

I also was imppressed by Jyles improvements from his first Rider game in BC (Flick's Leg injury), to his play by the end of the season.

The receiving corps is looking alright too. I would not have got rid of Bowman, even though he had a case of the dropsies late in the season. But maybe the right choice was made.

I cannot wait to see the effects of the Fantuz, Clermont, Dressler offence. I hope they create some innovative new schemes for the 3 of them to on the field at the same time.

Go Riders!!!!!!!!!!

Innovative new schemes like starting them? Clever!! My guess is we see plenty of 5 receiver sets this year anyway, though that isn't particularly innovative either. What might be new is, Clermont is such an oustanding blocker, we may see less of Mr. Szarka in that role. But with arguably the best line in the league, Cates and 3 pretty good receivers to start, it will all come down to how effective the QBs will be.
I think Durant could be a star and I agree with you regarding Jyles.

Good grief, talk about blind patriotism. We'd all be better off if the blind one's of the bunch would just grab the flag an hop right out of the trenches and meet what you deserve..................GASP....................WAKE HE LL UP...................

WE GOT NO QB...............................Offensive schemes....Oh! 0k....DD can't read bunk, that's why we went for Glenn. That's why ET worked OT on the O-line, that's why we got JC....etc, etc, etc.

Pray....Pray for help from our D, that's our make or break right there.........

It's a QB driven league. and we got a hamster at the wheel with no backup .......GAWWWD..........

All you Blah, Blah, Blaher's.....don't know squat.

I apologize for the above rant.........Good night ..........

Maybe that last drink wasn't the best idea.......


I am glad that I am not the only one who has not yet given up on Jyles. I also think he improved over the course of the year and his mobility in at least one game really impressed me.

It will be a toss up between the Riders and the Tiger-Cats as to who will have the best offensive line this year. The Tiger-Cats made some big moves in that area with Gauthier and Goodspeed (I wish the Riders would have kept Goodspeed) and they still have who I think is a vastly under-rated import, Gerald Davis. Cedric Gagne-Marcoux, Marvin Hage and George Hudson I think are as good of interior offensive linemen as anyone in the league and they have a couple of good young prospects with Peter Dyakowski and J.P. Bekasiuk. I suspect they will draft Simon Rottier first overall in this year's draft.

Jason Clermont hopefully will the blockbuster we hope he will be (I still have no idea why Wally released him? Was it all salary or is there more to the picture that we are missing?). Weston Dressler turned my head all season. I thought he might be good, but to be that good... I was impressed and I think I tend to error on the side of optimism more than the average poster here. I am concerned a little, but just a little about our import receivers. I hope the Riders will not miss Dominguez and Flick and I thought that Adarius Bowman who is just 23 years old could be potentially the best receiver in the league (and if he is then he is probably NFL bound so maybe that is why more than his performance last year the Riders traded him?) With all fairness to Bowman, the Riders gave Jamal Richardson 3 seasons before they lost interest in him and now he is a hit in Montreal. The riders have some interesting names on the roster at receiver, but that is all they are at the moment, just names on a roster.

Hopefully, Rey Williams and Sean Lucas can pick up from last year and whoever of the new guys or Brandon Lynch will step up and fit right into to Etch's scheme. The defensive line still concerns me. If no one is new on it this year, I fear they may even be worse than last year due to father time. Will Chick pick up to where he was 2 years ago? Will Scott Schultz and Marcus Adams pick it up? Can they get any worse?

There are a lot of questions for me this year. Thankfully there will be a season this year to answer them.

I could swear I heard the riders say they had NO interest in Glenn?

Good rant.

Very entertaining.

I like your use of word play.

Anyways . . . Yes I would agree with you on the Blind Patriotism (is there really any other kind of patriotism) . . . I am guilty.

As for the innovative offensive schemes I was eluding to . . . I was hoping for some unique 3 slot receiver formations that would leave defences confused. Example:


Please excuse the crudeness of my illustration.

I understand that this is not the most unique formation but using a number of variations like this will keep the defences guessing.

All I am saying is that it will be better than the same old Bullshoi. There is a lot of potential with a powerful receiving corps.

There is also a lot of potential with an innovative offence.

Now if you combine powerful receiving corps with innovative offence . . . BOOYAH!

Viva La Blind Patriotism!