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It won't even be possible to compare at the end of the season. It will be hard for Ken Miller to turn it around when he's taking over in mid-season and has no OC in place. I suspect the players will be motivated under him in a way they weren't so far. Had he been coaching from the beginning of training camp, I doubt they'd be 1-7 now, but who can say for certain?

But the only real comparison is the one we'll never be able to make: a full season under Marshal vs a full season under Miller. Since you can never know the answer to that, you have management there to exercise their judgment and make the best decisions they can.

Not a happy time in Sask. these days.

Now there's a chance the Cats could lose their DC, two years in a row, to the same job if the Riders' go looking for a new HC at the end of the season. The 5th-from-last paragraph is this July article on Marshall explains why I see this as a possibility:

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Marshall+long+overdue/5076135/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Marsha ... story.html[/url]

The key to that paragraph is "had the decision been Taman's alone" which it never will be. Miller will go back to being solely the VP of Football Ops once the season is over, and he'll have a hand in selecting the new coach.

That's not to say it can't happen, but if the Riders continue down the path they're on now, Taman might not be around to make the next coaching decision.

Riders had a good run - tragic shame about that two many men call to cost them a championship. However, it's an eight team league which makes rebuilding quickly possible yet (as proven here) not automatic. Coach Marshall will most likely re-surface as a Coordinator in a year or two.

Would/should Hamilton take him back??

see if anyone reacts before I make it a new thread


If our defence can't sort out the obvious issues from the last two games.... Marshall wouldn't be a bad DC.

I just hope Riderville understands that their season is going to be a write off now. A new coach is going to need at least 4-5 games to turn it around (even if it is Miller) and meanwhile they have to face Winnipeg & Calgary twice more and us once more. Let the winds blow from the East for once.

The thing is though, even at 1-7, they are only 1 game out of a playoff spot.

Crazy league.

This should be the "we were wrong about Marshall's coaching thread" or most of you LMAO

Defensive stats:

2011 points allowed per game 25.1, yards allowed per game 375.7
2010 points allowed per game 25.0, yards allowed per game 388.1

Chamblin's defense is still a work in progress, and I for one would like to see it develop. I like the vibe I get from coach Chamblin; the way he conducts himself and the way he communicates and exudes confidence. Future HC maybe? Who knows, maybe even here one day here if Bellefeuillle can't get this team over the hump.

I have no desire to see Marshall back.

If you’re interested – your choice – read, or watch and listen – "Eight Games is Not Enough.
The day after he was fired, Greg Marshall met the media. I found the video, particularly an obvious part of his prepared statement and then a long pause in answering one of the follow-up questions, quite worth the time spent watching it.


No, it became obvious to Riders management and most observers that Marshall was in waaaaaaaaaay over his head. Notwithstanding their game in Montreal, the Riders were not giving their best effort under Marshall. Their game in Hamilton, a crucial game for both teams at the time, was one of the most listless, uninspired performances by a CFL team in recent memory IMO and put up a very big red flag concerning Marshall’s abilities as HC. There were few, if any, signs that things would improve with more time, culminating the their three quarters of error-filled, penalty-filled, undisciplined play in Toronto in what had to be treated as a playoff game by the Riders.
Eight games with no expectation for improvement were more than enough for Riders’ management to conclude that they had made a fundamental hiring mistake at HC and a festering problem had to be corrected. With a proven, successful HC already on staff, someone who had already coached most of these players, the correct decision was made in time to have a chance to salvage the season and make the playoffs. Any other decision would have been irresponsible to the organization, the players and the fans.

Then explain the fact that the Riders are 2-11 in their last 13 regular season games going back to the end of last season? The "festering problems" in Saskatchewan started before Marshall was hired and were masked by the fact that they got on a mini roll and made it to the Grey Cup last year. (Don't forget, they needed overtime to beat an inferior BC team in the West Semi that was played in Regina.) Marshall was a convenient scapegoat for problems that go much higher than the coaching staff. The Riders haven't adequately replaced the talent they have lost over the last couple of seasons, and that is not on Marshall.

If you're trying to make a case for Marshall, you're defeating your own argument by citing the last 13 Rider regular season games. Marshall's gong show was responsible for the majority of the losses during that period.
Miller's regular season record last year was 10 and 8, third best in the league. Miller's Riders won the WSF and also won the final against the highly-favoured Stampeders in Calgary.

If Marshall insists on being a head coach, perhaps he should take a step back and try for a head coaching position with a CIS team and prove to people (including himself) that he can handle it at that level before expecting to be hired as a CFL head coach again.

No, my point was that the problems in Regina stretch back further than when Marshall was hired. But I already said that in the part of my post that you omitted. The Riders were 10-8 in 2010, but at one point they were 9-4. To be 9-4 and finish 10-8 is hardly something worthy of praise. So the "gong show" began around last October, not when Marshall was hired. That was my point.

I don't call winning the semi final against BC and the the final in Calgary last year after posting a 10 and 8 record a gong show nor is it the mark of a team that is beset with "problems".
Losing 7 of 8 with an undisciplined team that clearly isn't playing for the head coach is a gong show. Being a successful head coach takes special qualities. Once the team loses confidence in your ability to lead them to success and they believe that their hard work is being wasted due to poor coaching you're done as a head coach with that team.

sigh Whatever you say.

I think they could have tried a new OC before firing Marshall. This is another example of a HC who was imposed his staff of assistants.

No kidding! :thup:

I must agree, Marshall didnt pick his coaching staff. I wonder what it would have been like? I feel for him but i hope this move pays off. Gutsy move.