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TSN is reporting that Greg Marshall and Doug Berry have been fired by the Riders.

Confirmed by Regina media. Ken Miller to take over immediately. Team will hold a press conference fifteen minutes from now (6:30 p.m. Hamilton time)

I feel bad for Greg He was given a team that old and lacking Talent
He a scrape goat

I'm very sorry to hear this news, but I suppose is isn't surprising given their record. they should have beaten the Argos last game, they had the better of the play through much it. I guess Riders are coming up to their bye week now though, so this was the time to do it. And they're lucky they had someone like Ken Miller close to hand to take over.

Greg Marshall waited some time to get his first HC job, it's too bad it ended so badly and so soon. I hope he lands somewhere as DC again before long.

8) Marshall and that joke Doug Berry pay the price irregardless!!
 Ever wonder why Marshall never got a head coaching job until this one ??

  The only salvation for him is that he gets whatever is left on his contract, money wise !!!

   A royal screwup by Regina, to say the least !!!  

   I have to be honest and say I am getting quite a chuckle out of this whole thing !!!    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Miller is taking over, we'll soon see if Greg should shoulder the blame.

after listening to one of the riders radio guys on chml the other day, stating how marshall threw players under the bus so to speak (durant after the hamilton game, and the riders kicker in an earlier game). don't think the players weren't to happy playing for marshall. coach Miller took the blame earlier when mistakes were made 2 many men in the GC etc.

[quote=“Tipper”} The only salvation for him is that he gets whatever is left on his contract, money wise !!!
It’s been a terribly tough 3 or 4 weeks for Greg – suddenly losing his best buddy, Richard Harris, and now the job for which he had patiently waited so long. If I saw Greg today, I’d say “Take the money and run Coach. Life, like this job, is sometimes cut far too short. There’ll always be a place for you in the CFL coaching ranks because of the respect you’ve earned over the years. For now, and for a good long while, go home, with two and half years security and enjoy some serious family time.”

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This whole thread is making me do that.

Close to hand

scrape goat


2 many men

It doesn't matter. Marshall is gone and no matter how badly Ken Miller does....Marshall will be forgotten. There won't be any comparisons made.
That's just the way things work in organizations.
If Greg Marshall had a big upside despite the record so far this season, he would likely have been given more time.
I suspect there was more to it than just the record.
Maybe the radio guy was right. Perhaps the players did not respond well to him.

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Also, I enjoy the term "scrape goat" and intend to start using it wherever possible.

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No surprise.

The Riders flat out stink and make a mess of brutal mistakes.

Marshall had to go.

I'm totally appalled by Greg Marshall's firing! The Riders' record is definitely not his fault. I'm actually surprised that Taman released Doug Berry, since it's been widely known that they are good buddies from their days in Winnipeg. This whole problem really falls on Taman, and I'm hoping that one day, the team's President, Jim Hopson, will realize this and take the necessary steps against Taman. Does Taman and the rest of the Riders organization really think that Ken Miller is going to single-handedly go in and save this team from ending this season in last place? The only reason Miller was able to do it successfully before is because of the quality players that Eric Tillman gave to him to work with (many of which they currently do not have this season, for various reasons). That is the ultimate key to this whole debacle. Taman has not been able to get the same level of quality players that Tillman was able to get, and thus the team is now suffering. Greg Marshall definitely deserves better than this. This may sound crazy, but I would even trade Marcel Bellefeuille for Greg Marshall as our Head Coach! I like Marshall far better than Bellefeuille. This is totally shameful on the part of Brendan Taman and his cronies. :?


Repeat after me:

"1 and 7"..."1 and 7"...."1 and 7."

I am also disppointed that Greg Marshall was fired after such a short time.
However the bye week focussed the situation sharply.....and Taman felt something serious needed to be done.
If you read the comments on Marshall's firing from the fans in the leader-Post you will see Greg does not have much support. Many think the team has been in chaos and shows no signs of improvement.
Maybe if Greg had ditched Doug Berry he could have saved his own job.
If Ken Miller can't do any better than Marshall then Taman's job could be on the line for not recruiting better players.

From what I’ve read, keeping Berry was not Marshall’s decision.

I still think this was waaaaaaaaay too soon. Bye week or not, eight games is not nearly enough time to judge. And when the Riders finish the season at 3-15, we’ll see that this mess wasn’t Marshall’s fault.

Hard to say.
If Ken Miller works his magic again, Taman will be safe and Greg Marshall will be forgotten.
One thing about Ken Miller....the players sure seemed to love playing for him.

True, but I still think it was too soon. We'll obviously be better able to judge once the season is over. But what I've seen out of this Saskatchewan team doesn't imbue me with much optimism that they will turn this around this season, whether the coach was Marshall or Miller or anyone else.