Rider Nation - Why ?

Someone please explain this.

I am watching TSN last night featuring my hot girls Natasha and Kate.

Hi lights of NHL Ducks at Coyotes come on and what do I see ?

Rider Nation, not just a few, but a section of them.

Why ? Because of Ryan Getzlaf's brother .

I respect fan support across the CFL stadiums , but at an off season hockey game ?

Wrong time and wrong sport people.

I do not have a problem with it, I just do not get it.

...my retired golf-nomad father was recently kicking around Yuma Arizona...while he was there he said he saw more Saskatchewan license plates on cars than Arizona plates...my bet is that those rider fans you saw are sunbirds....

When Mrs MadJack and I were in Hawaii a few years back, on our bus tour one day, there was a fellow with a . . . you guessed it, Rider shirt.

...(hijack alert) not quite the same, but when Mrs. R&W was in Senegal Africa last summer she met a boy in a village that was wearing a Timbits Hockey jersey from Airdrie AB....she made it out of that area literally days before the Ebola crisis shut that region down to foreign traffic...

....the rider virus is much much worse :twisted: :smiley:

I am sure the locals at the game were wondering why all the fans dressed in the Dallas Stars jerseys where cheering for Anaheim. Only to find out it is just a bunch of vacationing crazy canucks LOL

Actually theirs no need to get on the backs of these annoying self centered Sask fan's.
When you win two grey cups in a row and going practically undefeated you have privileges.
I heard they are building a permanent home for Grey cup after they win yet again this year!!!!!!!

However seriously its nice to see them enjoy a hockey game and show pride in there nation. One of the best places
to put an NHL Team. Great people nice place.

Well that cleared things up - BAZINGA

Now this I'll never get tired of, no matter which team it is.

Only the Habs & Leafs sell more sportswear in Canada.....it's a numbers thing.

I wish the sales numbers were easier to get at. I'd be curious to see how Ottawa did relative to the rest of the team since most seemed to hate the name (at least at first) but like the logo.

I like the name. RedBlacks
There is nothing wrong with colors in a name.

Browns, Reds , Red Sox ,White Sox , Blues Blue Bombers.

RedBlacks is an original name that pays honor to the tradition of Ottawa football history. Also, lumberjacks traditionally were red and black shirts. The historic R in a buzz saw.

I never understood what the flack was about.

Think about this. Lets say Edmonton never had a team and then they were going to expand in 2016.
Then management announces the name would be Eskimos. Wow, can you imagine the uproar with the name Eskimos ?

It is what we are used to .

Now as far as names go , Mad Dogs was the most stupid I have ever heard.
Logo stupidity , and I can not stress this enough. The Als. A bird with teeth holding a football.

I think Jeff Hunt was right about one thing in regards to the reaction; by the time that the name was announced, it had been discussed for so long that everyone had their favourite and they were going to hate anything else chosen. It ended up blowing things out of proportion.

We generally do 2 Stanley Cup finals games a year in box seating, and 1 of those games we wear Rider gear. It is amazing how many bigtime names actually come by and say hello and want to take a photo with the group. Why do we do it...why not? Last season in LA...it was just stunning the number of celebs we met.

I was in the Bahamas last week, and on our Glass Bottom Boat ride there was a guy with a Rider Grey Cup hat. I wanted to ask him if it was his "lucky" hat (if that Durant fumble hadn't bounced right into Sheets' hands, it might have been a different game) but I couldn't catch up to him after we got off.

Another pertinent question is: why don't fans of other CFL teams do the same thing (and how can the league get them to do so)?

WTF!!! I would love it if Argos fans showed up en masse to any leafs game just to yell Aaaaaarrrrrgggggoooosssssssss!

In fact, who’s down for that?

I am SOOOOO there!!!
As long as I don't have to pay those insane prices for tickets to watch that joke of a team, I would definitely do it.
Can you imagine hearing ARRRRRRGGGGOOOOOOOSSSSSS!!!! In the middle of a Leafs game?
Kinda like throwing a Leafs jersey on the ice.

Btw, to the OP, they are NOT your hot girls.
Let's all share. :wink:

Good point, this league needs all the promotion it can get. :thup:

Let's all share indeed !! :thup: :thup:



:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Let's not miss the point here.
Cheering YOUR team in YOUR town regardless of the sport venue is fine.
I was just reacting to Rider fans at a Phoenix hockey game. Just because Getzlaf was on the ice.?????
It is a head shaker.

Regardless, I was more interested in MY hot girls, ( dibs ) Nat and Kat anyway.