Rider Nation has fallen


I guess they may not want to hear the 12 days of xmas this holiday season ! Or is it 13 days of xmas ? :lol:

I told a buddy of mine that after the Banjo Bowl next year we will have a ton of money in are pockets,cause we will be standing in the stadium parking lot shouting "GET UR 13 MEN ON THE FIELD,GET UR 13 MEN ON THE FIELD PENALTY FLAGS HERE!" Oh man I let my idea slip. :lol:

well riders can't count and winnipeg can't spell nice lol

Neither can ppl from Sask-lol...Let me help U out as well."Well Riders can't count and Winnipegger's can't spell correctly" :wink:

funny, Winnipeg fans making fun of Saskatchewan.. yet Winnipeg didn't even make the playoffs?? :lol:

talk about ironic.

Nobody has ever lost a Grey Cup game in that fashion, so you better get used to it !
This is what rider nation gets for bragging , constantly patting yourselves on the back and telling everybody how great you are ! If your fans were a litttle more humble it wouldn't be as bad. Here is a tip, the more you cry about it not being fair that people are making fun of the Riders, the worse it will get !

....like my dad used to say.....the wider the bragging mouth is....the more chance there is, that something will be stuffed into it..NOT his exact words...(i can't quote him exactly becasue a few of the words he used would get this post kicked..lol)...Let the rider fans brag on themselves all they want...because when Cup game 'blunders' such as they made this year, come back to haunt them...the laughing and snickering at their expense will echo for a very loooooong time :lol: :lol: :lol: ....... :lol: :lol: :lol:

whoah whoah!..

the Riders according to all you guys.. wouldn't even have a chance in the game! so many predicting huge scores in favour of the Alouettes!

jee what happened to that?

the Riders are a pretty damn good team!

and i'm pretty certain that if anyone else HAD managed to get there instead.. they wouldn't have had the lead for 60 mins like the Riders did.

we came 1 play away from being Champs.. unlike the Stamps and Esks and Lions who were never even close.

all you can focus on is the 1 mistake, yet. We surprised most of the people who doubted us.

Winnipeg fans should be the last ones saying anything here.

you've got a joke of a Head Coach..

....Champs to Chumps in a matter of seconds....pretty hard to top that rider guy.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hope you guys pass Queens unv. in Grey Cups ! Kelly can count to 12, how about your coaches ?

I never figured I'd see 44 000 Rider fans pull a Maciocia.

But at least Edm, still won !

True... And Maciocia's celebration was more masculine. 8)

...more masculine????? how ?? Dancing Danny sure had those 'fairy' type moves down pat....... :lol: :lol: :lol: I just can't see the 13th. man topping that... :lol:

Imagine Dancing Danny Drunk wearing makeup and fruits 8)

hahahaha not a spellin error but a grammer error should have read "Well Riders can't count and winnipeg can't spell, nice lol

how long has it been ?? 19 years now?

what happened in 2009? 7-11? missed the playoffs?

why are you laughing at a team that made the Grey Cup when yours couldn't even make the playoffs and hired the biggest joke in Bishop??

maybe you should look at your own team before you take a shot at a team that ALMOST beat the Alouettes..

Maybe you should look at the forum you're in before you give others what-for.