Rider Nation Given Commissioners Award!

This award for the most beer cans thrown at players goes to !

Unreal ! Greasy...

I don’t have a problem with the award. Rider fans are a big part of why the CFL has experienced a resurgence.

I do, however, have a problem with calling Saskatchewan ‘Canada’s team.’ That’s just idiotic in an all-Canadian league.

America's team is the Dallas Cowboys, what's not to understand?

I can't believe the earlier post that cities with more than one professional team have less sales for their football team. So the Calgary Flames are taking away from the Stampeder sales? So that tells me the fans are pathetic if they have to decide between the two. Really if your a FAN then you buy merchandise of every team you support. If your NOT A FAN you don't buy it. Sales are sales. And Riders are the smallest market of the entire league yet outsell all the rest combined with their combined massive populations (ie. a million against 30+ million). Get real. Also Riders outsell the others year after year. So that small population of fans is buying new merchandise year after year. No reason to come on here and slag the Rider fans over merchandise sale.