Rider Nation don`t blame it all on Tilman

JOSEPH WENT TO EXPLORE THE NFL, NOT WHAT a player should do if your loyal and you want to stay a rider

So if Joseph wanted to stay a rider when he sincerely took a pay cut to share with other players and he had another year on his contract he could of stayed and show some loyalty to the rider fans, when he was offered a raise, but like Tillman said what he wanted was something unresonable and I would think something in the lines in what Printers is getting which is too much for a CFL qb, so don`t blame it on Tillman, blame on Joseph.

If I was rider fan I would be booing two qb`s now Burris and Joseph and what Joseph did to the RiderNation was worst.

...I don't think what KJ asked for was unreasonable, he's the reigning MOP....he should be making what Burris and Ray are making, as examples...

...and there are lots of players who try the NFL option, if this constitutes a traitorist act in your opinion then you're gonna hate about 40% of the CFL players....

I agree, Red. Reigning MVP. Grey Cup winner. He had a great season: threw for more than 4,000 yards, 24 TDs, and only 8 picks, and rushed for another 13 TDs.

I'd say he deserved a little extra.

Don't forget Austin....and Glenn for that matter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the team should have been loyal to him. He took a pay cut so that the team could win a Grey Cup and how do they repay him? By trading him when he asks for what he is worth, after a MOP and Grey Cup season. On top of that, you defile his character, because he wants to play in the NFL. That shows a lack of respect and loyalty on your part, no?

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Why blame this on Joseph? The guy won the most outstanding player. He was set to make less than most if not all other starting quarterbacks in the league. Also if Edmonton and Calgary can afford two good quarterbacks, surely we can afford one. If Hamilton can afford to pay Printers half a million, we can afford to pay the MVP what he was looking for. Blame Tillman for signing injury proned players like Dominguez and Eddie Davis back to contracts and not signing players who put it all on the line last year even though he took a 125 thousand dollar pay cut the previous off season.

Actually, listening to CKNW Sports, they blame the Tigercats General Manager. Their OPINION is that they overpaid Printers too much, which set the bar for all the other QB's demanding more. (Joseph, Glenn)

spidel what are you talking about. he took a huge hge pay cut to stay there last year. which is probably alot more thne what you would have done. he had alot ot respect for tillman and the fans.

Anyone who understands modern sports Collective agreements understands that in exchange for lower salaries or caps the owners gave the players back near total control of there careers.
Does Joseph deserve to be among the highest paid? Of course he does. Can the Riders do it and remain competitive? No.

Alot of players on the rider team ( just like any other team winning the cup of their sport ) believes they should get a raise. What do you do when everyone wants more? There is only so much of the pie to go around. Tillman was handcuffed. Jospeph wanted more and the Riders had to choose between one player and a larger core of players. This is not to blame Joseph either. He is simply exercising his rights, this is just business after all. Had Tillman just give KJ a small raise and let him play it out the riders would have had an unhappy player effecting moral and lost him for nothing at the end of the season. If the riders through the bank at him he would have been a star without a supporting cast.

Look at which teams would have been interested in a starting QB. Tillman basically had only Montreal and Toronto that could have been in the Market.

On a side note ask yourself why didn't the other teams show interest in swapping QB's as was the case when Austin moved on back in his days as a QB? Each of those GM's could argueably critized for not taking a shot at KJ then? Or is it that The other GM's saw the same situation as Tillman?

Now Back to Tillman. Given that only Toronto was willing to take him Tillman wasn't in a very good position to bargain. For Canuck fans look at Loungo's trade to Vancouver. Florida had to let him go for what they could given that Loungo had to approve where he landed. Florida really didn't have much to bargain with. If they played hard ball with him Loungo would have played it out and left for nothing. Now back to KJ - this is sports and this happens. If it was 2 years ago when more teams were looking for a starting QB we could have gotten the farm for him. That was then this was now. I mourn my Riders loosing KJ but I don't blame either him or Tillman. It is after all business and this is part of the game.

you'll be the only one booing joseph.
prolly the only one drinkin from a bottle, too...WAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

It is interesting, Burris, Ray, Cavillo (Dickenson before), Printers, Joseph (now), Glenn very possibly, will all make into $300K plus range. Notice a big gap in yes, the Saskatchewan quarterbacks. Mind you there is Pierce and Jackson, I would suspect they are both pushing close to the high $200s.

So the question to me isn't Joseph being unloyal, it is why can't Sask plan and pay the quarterback what he is worth.

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why who else traded the MOP QB of the league for something he could have found down south himself?


[url=http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/sports/story.html?id=8578543b-3b6d-48fd-8c5a-712fbfee91c6]http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/ ... 2fbfee91c6[/url]

Kerry was a class act. He will be missed and thanks for the Cup and the memories.