Rider Nation! Come together for #23!

Okay gang. Here's the scoop. I'm a big time Rider fan (just like all the rest of you). I paint my face up, I wear the green, and I brave the hostile crowd at BC Place everytime the Riders come to town.

But, I'm always disappointed that us Rider Fans end up being scattered through the building. In a crowd of 38,000, the 5000 Rider fans get severly diluted.


Here's the plan. We start a campaign to get Rider fans to band together. Literally. I'm calling on all Rider fans at every away game to buy tickets in one section only.

In section 23.

No matter what stadium we play in, we need to own Section 23. Call it the General's section. It's ours. We need to band together, and make ourselves a force to be reckoned with.

Everyone knows that we are the most vocal fans across the league. We show up in greater numbers than any other visiting team, but now it's time that we band together.

Don't get your tickets off of a website. Call the ticket office. Buy tickets in section 23. It's time that we make this happen.

It may take a while to catch on, but I believe that this is something that we can do that will sweep across the nation.

Riders fans will own section 23 in every stadium within 3 years. Let's make it happen.

The greatest team in the CFL.

The greatest fans in the CFL.

For the Greatest Rider of them all. #23.

Awesome idea, i don't go to many away games but when i do...i'm there

Sounds good ... in principle. Unfortunately, for stadiums like Molson Percival in Montréal, the sections are letters, not numbers: http://www1.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphp ... ic&t=29825

I already got my tickets for next week's game in Montréal but next year, I will send out a notice to everyone to get tickets in "E3" (as close as you're going to get to "23").

yeah. There's bound to be a few hitches in the plan. But I think that in principal it should work. I know that every Rider fan I bump into at BC Place says the same thing, "I wish we were all sitting together!"

It's too hard to assemble group tix, so let's do the next best thing. Designate a section for the Little General's troops to assemble. Section 23 - or the closest combo available in other cities.

ookay, i think us Rider fans appreciatte what Ronnie did over the years and many Rider fans will honor him in there own way signs shirts with his number on them, i think it can be left at that.I don;t think we have to go to far, we all know what he did for this league, he was my idol as a kid growing up playing football, Taylor field will show the football world tonite how much he ment to us.

This idea was not born out of some desire to honour Lancaster. The idea was a result of having been to
BC Place many times, and having Rider fans always comment, "I wish we were all sitting together."

Last week I was considering how to do this, and then it came to me that we need to pick a section number that corresponds to a Riders great. I was thinking about #'s 23, 34, 44...but then with the death of Mr. Lancaster this week, it just seemed to make sense that we go with section #23.

It would be great if we owned a section in every stadium. That's what this is about first and foremost.