Rider MVP Cates verses Congi?

Wes Cates will probably get the nod because running backs are "sexier" but I still think Congi has been the 'riders most consistent player all season and is a possible all star at place kicking... if only the kid could learn to do kick offs and punt :expressionless: As we saw today, in a windy stadium field position is key to winning games. We cannot afford to have someone below average in kickoffs and punts with a slow release to boot so we are stuck with Boreham for the short term. I am a Boreham fan but two kickers on a starting roster is not good either.

Dressler perhaps??

Congi gets my vote

Congi is a frunt runner. but what about the D ? and yes Cates needs an honourable mention as well.

Congi has been great but without Cates we don't have as many wins. Also, I thought Congi may as well have been the punter yesterday. Setta was outkicking Boreham against the wind. Is Boreham injured? He really didn't have a great game.

Boreham still averaged 43 yds/punt which if im correct is right around if not higher than his season avg. Setta is just plain good at what he does. Genreally that is. for a little guy hes got a big leg. as for MVp i think there is a few options.

Sean Lucas (don’t like him but it’s hard to deny he didnt play well other than his usual few screw ups)

I didn’t intend to use that order but i think thats how i see the top 5 right now.