Rider Management doing the right thing ...

From the Regina Leader Post ....

[url=http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/story.html?id=3b1a2732-5738-4604-81f9-257ca40baecc]http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/ ... 7ca40baecc[/url]

Excellent and classy response from the Lions management. Also interesting that the fan who caught Marsh's pass didn't throw IT back! I guess that excuse doesn't have any merit.

works for me

Great to see the Riders treating this as the serious matter it is. Also nice to see management pinning the fault on the few idiots in the crowd.

Can someone get zbest to read this. No old man hit in the head, no Lions fans throwing beer cans and his own team's management was digusted. Quit the lies already and move on. The Lions have.

i do think it was a bad move by a few fans that made everyone else look silly, but i think the management is overreacting. i honestly don't think something like that will happen again anytime soon. it was a fluke incident and that is all it is. everyone has learned their lesson. more security won't do anything except make the stands more crowded than they already are.

plus beer in a plastic cup tastes terrible which i guess will decrease sales.

A great response, and pretty much what I expected from Rider management.

It just proves those Riders fans who were defending the incident on here are full of it, and should be ashamed of themselves.

If those Riders fans should be ashamed, then so should the Lions fans who clearly cannot read because they continue to accuse them of defending the fans who threw beer cans. FOR THE LAST TIME, NO ONE DEFENDED THERE ACTIONS. So drop it already. It's getting old.

A nice response from the Riders management. Interesting that they mention cutting off beer sales. That would be one way to limit beers per person.

uummm Cheif... are you asleep at the wheel or do you choose to ignore zbest? Cripes he's writing the united nations in defense of those poor Riders fans.

Cancel his thread and I'm sure you'll see Leos fans quiet down.

...in that thread, do you mean the part in his initial post where he said no one was excusing what the fans did?

Yes. Show some impartialness and cancel his nonsense.

Imagine if this incident happened in BC with BC fans throwing beers at Rider players. We’d be hearing about it for probably the next 3 years. It’s nice for Rider fans to want us to move on after it happens to them, very nice and convenient I must say.

Until the Riders and the CFL deal with what happened on Saturday, I consider this case far from closed.

which is why you dont win the nice guy poll

so there

Swervin, I just pointed out that zbest did not excuse what the Rider fans did, and that he didn't defend those fans...given that, there's no need to vaporize his post...too bad, so sad...

Um... RLR, did you even bother to read the article? The situation is being dealt with.

If this had happened in B.C. Place, I still would have put the forum on lockdown and I would still tell everyone to move on.

Lots of fans did excuse it, and you know it. I read the rider forums as well. Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining please.

Maybe not zbest, but it's hard to believe he's feeling any remorse when he's using his energy to urge people to send proven lies about the Lions (the old man getting beaned) to the head office, trying to get our players suspened, rather than trying to come up with a solution to keep visiting players safe at your stadium.

I find the whole arguement ridiculous anyway. It's like if you beat the crap out of a cop then cry brutality when he finally has enough and cracks you over the head with his stick. Sure players should act professionally, but you can't blame anyone for reacting considering the circumstances.

That's if any can throwing by the BC players actualy happened. There is zero proof of that other than heresay, and film of rider fans pelting our players with cans. I'm pretty sure that's all made up, just like the old man. Jim Hopson was right there, and he doesn't say anything about BC players throwing cans.

I hear you retrievil. Riders fans can go on and on on this forum with the most ridiculous allegations, rants, slander and never get erased.

okay retrievil and Swervin, put your money where your mouth is:

Find posts on these boards that show Rider fans saying it was okay for the fans to throw the cans. Not posts saying that BC Lion players made the situation worse or that they say they understand why it was done, but posts where Rider fans actually said it was okay for the cans to be thrown. I'll be waiting.

I agree, many people did not like the way certain Lions players acted, but nobody agreed with the fans throwing cans, that's inexcusable.

Too easy.

[url=http://www1.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&p=498069&highlight=#498069]http://www1.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphp ... ht=#498069[/url]

As well the fact there are tons of posts that are like ... well it was wrong to throw cans, but they deserved it ... they beaned an old man, they threw cans back, etc.

Which is like I said, not showing a whole lot of remorse. Like saying, yeah I punched that guy in the face, but he looked at me funny so he deserved it.

Here I'll give you your next post to cut and paste ...

That's ONE guy! So it's ok for players to throw cans? Blah blah. Excuse excuse.

Where does he say the fans were right to throw the cans?