Rider lose Defensive AC...

...Etcheverry leaves a big hole in Marshall's squad, at a fairly inconvenient time...sounded like personal, not team, reasons prevailed, but can the greenies find a replacement with TC on the immediate horizon?...maybe not a big loss, just a little more work for Hall to assume....

I thought I read that Hall had been made the new DC, and Etch had been "demoted" to just assistant?

Unless R&W edited the thread title after you posted - it does say AC, not DC.

Etch is the rodney dangerfield of thje CFL…
Still owed from the Argos before their bankruptcy when that smarmy, phony Pinbull fired him as head coach and never paid him…but the peebuller sure got his money…,.Etch is a dedicated, honest, successful coach who never gets respect…kind of a mad genius.

i’m glad hes out as the CFL never respected him… I wish him well. He deserves so much more. Great guy. Lives for football. Too bad.

I'm sure not glad. I always like his defences from an entertainment aspect. Personally, and I know I'm in a minority, but I prefer watching defence to watching offence. Etcheverry I liked because I always found his defences unconventional, unorthodox, and a treat to watch. Maybe not always successful, but always fun to watch.

So I hope he resurfaces in the CFL.

Hi madjack…just to be clear…when I say I’m glad hes out, i meant from a personal standpoint. He’s been so dissed by the league I think he should move on and find some other joy.
hes a great coach…and a great person.

Clear on that Flag, I understood what you meant, didn't mean to suggest otherwise.


To be honest, I didn't even read the title. I was just responding to red saying he leaves a big hole. If Hall is the new DC, then I wouldn't be too worried. Hall was always a great DC. Just not much of a HC. :lol:

...you've obviously been along the beach after I've departed....

Agreed. The guy has gotten screwed over for the second time now. He deserves so much better than this simply for the great defenses he has been a part of. The Argo fiasco was even worse. A coach this good get s shoddy treatment yet others; who shall remain nameless, get recycled throughout the league landing plumb jobs both in coaching and management.

It's not so much that the Riders lose the scheme. Anyone who watches film can copy a scheme, and the fact that Alex Smith is still around means that he knows the scheme intimately - or at least should.

What the Riders lose here is the evolution of the scheme. A good scheme can last as short as a half a game sometimes. There's the scheme itself and the next 3, 4, 5 or 6 wrinkles planned to keep the scheme ahead of the opposing coaches who figure it out. THAT is potentially gone.

Now personally I believe in players making plays more than x's and o's, but Etch's exotic formations and blitzes did a fabulous job last year of masking the fact that the Riders had the worst front 4 pass rush in the league. How the Riders managed to have one of the top defenses in the league with such poor pass rush from their rush end positions (the tackles weren't bad) is a true testament to Etch's playbook. Sure Hall can use as much of that as he wants, but as the rest of the league starts figuring it out, as they already are doing (especially BC) can Hall stay ahead of the curve.

Brent Hawkins will be a key player to watch this year. He has the physical tools. Hopefully he can step up his play. I believe that he can. I am hopeful. Pressure from the end will make things a whole lot easier for this defense.

C'mon....personal decision based on things away from football? He just stuck it to the riders because they stuck it to him by demoting him. It's a good strategy not to burn any bridges I guess. This way he gets to stick it to them in a nice way, kind of..? lol. No big deal really, I imagine he and Hall would have butted heads a few times anyways.